Graham Franklin

Graham Franklin is the Grade 4 and 5 Level Leader. He joined GEMS World Academy (Singapore) as a founding member in 2014. His role is to oversee the daily procedures and learning taking place within the Upper Primary Years division, while also teaching a class of enthusiastic Grade 5 students.

Graham has been an international educator since 2010, where he worked at GEMS World Academy in Dubai. He has experience in classroom teaching, curriculum development and educational leadership. Graham holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership.

Beginning in New Zealand, Graham’s career has seen him involved in both primary and middle school programmes. He has led outdoor education and sporting initiatives, while also being continuously involved in a classroom setting throughout his career.

As a founding member of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), Graham has seen the school grow and develop considerably over the years. He looks forward to the day his young sons will be old enough to become involved in our incredible Early Years’ Programme.