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Kaffeman Family


Date: January 2019

We are an international family with roots in Japan and Israel with two wonderful children, Maya (Grade 5) and Akira (Grade 2). They have been studying at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) for the past two years.

Moving abroad and joining an international school was a big change for our children. On the first day of school they were nervous and anxious, but at the same time they were very excited to enter a whole new environment and have a great opportunity to explore the world and meet students from different countries. This warm and friendly feeling is everywhere in GEMS (Singapore) and that's how we expected the school to be - a place, where my children can feel at home and will always be welcomed.

Maya and Akira were born and raised in Tokyo and their first language is Japanese. They also had a slight understanding of English and Hebrew prior to moving to Singapore. When school started, Maya and Akira experienced some language barriers.  Maya had some difficulties adapting to the changes and faced a few challenges while learning vocabulary and trying to master academic English. We were not alone in this and the school was very supportive and encouraging at all times. Our class teacher and EAL teacher are always there to provide necessary support to Maya and Akira and improve their writing and speaking English skills and always there for us with great advice on how to support our children with learning at home.

All non-native English speaking students join the mainstream class and attend a “pull-out” EAL class four times a week as part of Language Acquisition Programme. I believe this was the best way for Maya and Akira to get used to the school and make friendships with new classmates.

I am very proud that Akira has finished his EAL studies and already started learning Mandarin. Believe it or not, he speaks three languages now and Mandarin will be the fourth. On top of this he has been attending an after school Japanese Mother Tongue class once a week and it has been a great opportunity for the children to improve their native language, learn about Japanese culture and celebrate national events.

“GEMS (Singapore) is a great place for anyone joining an international school for the first time in Singapore. If you are an international family like us, then GEMS (Singapore) is an ideal environment for your child - a truly international school with a great diversity of students and teachers within the school community. For the teachers, “Children are always first”; this is a very powerful and beautiful value that appeals to all GEMS Parents.”

Mackie Family


Date: January 2019

“An engaging, warm and fun learning environment that offers different opportunities and develops real-life skills in the classroom and beyond”

We have four children enrolled: one in high school, one in middle school, one in primary and our youngest one has started at the Little GEMS Nursery in January 2019.

We wanted an academically strong school that was able to cater to the varied needs of our children. Had passionate educators and at the same time focused on developing a well-rounded student. We were impressed by the staff and facilities from the first visit to the school. Our children settled in surprisingly fast and enjoy the school very much.

GEMS (Singapore) is a truly international school with diverse student and teacher population, excellent facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities available after school. The staff and students are warm, friendly and kind.

It is an engaging, warm and fun learning environment that offers different opportunities and develops real-life skills in the classroom and beyond. The school also organises educational workshops to assist parents in understanding and supporting their children further as well as social events where you can have fun and meet new friends.

With so many good schools in Singapore to choose from, it’s important that you feel confident in trusting the quality of education on offer. For our family, we wanted a truly international school that was able to deliver programs and opportunities unavailable in the country we were living in previously.

Lotus Mackie with kids Hugo (Grade 9), Benjamin (Grade 8), Chloe (Grade 4) & Luke (Nursery)

Anna & Dmitrii


Date: January 2019

We absolutely love GEMS (Singapore) for its creative approach to every little thing. We are happy to see inspiring teachers and smiling students every day. We have chosen GEMS (Singapore) for our son because the school gives plenty of opportunities to be creative and true freedom of expression. As parents, we appreciate play-based learning and Danil is happy to go to school every day!

Anna & Dmitrii with sons Daniil & Yaroslav

Erica & Trevor


Date: January 2019

We’ve lived in Singapore since June 2016 and all three of our children are attending GEMS (Singapore). The school is a tremendous asset to the community and is always supportive of our family and our children’s goals and aspirations. This is our family’s first experience with the IB curriculum, and we’re pleased with the delivery of the programme and the smoothness with which our children transitioned.

It’s an honour and pleasure to be part of this school community. Moving to another country and changing schools is always challenging and families must be ready for the unexpected. The campus, faculty and facilities are amazing, and we’re grateful we joined an environment of respect, transparency and engagement.

The teachers continually impress upon the students to engage and appreciate diversity and community. The student body is rich with culture and the school provides well-rounded lessons and assignments that encourage the children to think independently. We’re especially pleased with the at-home assignments, which are relevant and in line with the children’s exploration topic for the quarter. The students are given the opportunity to personally choose the projects they complete; this increases the desire to research and complete the task because of the ownership instilled.

Erica & Trevor with children Gavin, Grant and Tegan

Emma and Alan Mathew


Date: January 2019

Lushington has been attending GEMS (Singapore) for two years, and Lakerson for about six months. We discovered the school online following fairly arduous research; we then arranged a visit and it sealed the deal for us. We’ve had the warmest, most encouraging and positive experience there. The school places community as a very high priority – you’ll have many opportunities to forge friendships with existing and new families. It’s very warm and welcoming.

Being a mixed race family, we wanted our children to be enrolled in a multicultural school that was engaging and creative while also offering academic prowess. The classroom and specialist teachers have actively and lovingly invested in our children. They’ve gone out of their way to connect, support and encourage both Lushington and Lakerson on a personal level. As parents, we are extremely grateful for these impactful touches. The school has a strong emphasis on daily Mandarin and speciality swimming, library and music programmes, creating a well-balanced educational experience. We are looking forward to seeing our children grow, discover, investigate and create alongside their peers and teachers. Our children love going to school every day and are disappointed when the weekend comes around!

As GEMS (Singapore) is a full-scale international school, the preschoolers interact with the older children. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to communicate with these bigger kids – it’ll make the transition to Primary School less daunting!

Diane and Steve Hall


Date: May 2020

My husband and I moved to Singapore for our second posting in 2004, and this year is our 16th year on the red dot. Singapore is an incredible place, and it has a lot to offer.

Both our children Brandon and Chloe are studying at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). This year Brandon is finishing his Primary Years, and Chloe will be moving to Grade 2. We started looking for an international school when Brandon turned three. At this time he was attending a local Montessori kindergarten and we wanted a small international school with a balanced curriculum and a strong focus on developing creative skills. We visited a couple of schools and then heard that GEMS World Academy would be opening a brand new campus in Singapore in 2014. Although the school building wasn't finished yet, we have had a chance to meet the Head of School, teachers and learn everything about their curriculum and teaching philosophy.

Both Steve and I have had a mainstream British education. So you can imagine that the information about the International Baccalaureate (IB), Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the IB Learner Profile was new to us. It was interesting to find out that the programme is focused on nurturing compassionate and open-minded global citizens, with a lifelong love for learning. Inquiry-based learning was also new to us; we loved the idea that children have an opportunity to learn in a supportive environment, explore, ask questions and make connections with real life.

The style of learning appealed to us, and we knew that it would help Brandon reach his full potential and thrive at school. Over the years, he has gained a lot of confidence, became more social and developed creative and critical thinking skills. We had trusted the Education Leadership team and chosen the school when it was not even open. Six years later, we could not be happier with our choice and the experience we have had with GEMS World Academy!

During the first couple of years we have lived on the east coast, and later on, we decided to move closer to the school. That move has been the most interesting chapter in our Singapore life. We have settled down in Sembawang; the northern part of Singapore. Living on this side of the island is just as easy as anywhere else and interestingly can give you larger spaces, less packed community areas, waterfront living and the joy of bicycle tracks! We have plenty of parks, large malls, sports facilities and a direct MRT line to Orchard.

When our youngest daughter Chloe turned three in 2016, we also enrolled her at GEMS World Academy. It was her first-ever schooling experience, but it didn't take her long to settle down and find friends. I think small class sizes and a low student: teacher ratio are key to building a close-knit bond particularly in the initial years of schooling.

Both of our children are thriving at GEMS World Academy! The facilities are stunning and make way for a range of activities, clubs, field trips and community projects most of which are offered at no cost.

The school has a great parent engagement programme and offers various activities for the parents' community from cooking team building sessions to bowling and movie trivia nights.

My advice to all parents looking for a new school is to follow your heart on what you feel suits your child best and how uniquely the school meets your needs as a family. The location should not be a big issue as Singapore is a tiny island, and it is extremely easy to get around.

Diane and Steve Hall with children Brandon and Chloe

Monica Fontanesi


Date: December 2019

Finding the perfect school – especially if you’re doing your initial research while overseas – can be quite challenging. Making an important decision about your child’s future, especially without even seeing the campus in person or meeting admissions representatives, can make any parent feel like a bundle of nerves. Five years ago, our family moved to Singapore from China, went through this exact process and, through thorough research and then found GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

Aurora is our only child, and she is in Grade 9. She’s very enthusiastic and curious. She really enjoys the after-school activities and competitive sports that the school has to offer. Every season, the school offers a range of different activities and this gives everyone the chance to try various sports.

The quality of the teachers has always been our priority. When we visited GEMS (Singapore), we were impressed by the time and effort the school invested in training and assessing the teachers. We also were impressed with the low student-to-teacher ratio.

We were grateful that GEMS (Singapore) dealt with our concerns immediately. When we moved back to Singapore after living in China for five years, we were worried about the impact our move would have on Aurora’s Chinese language skills. The school responded quickly and reassured us they would do the best they could to meet our expectations.

GEMS (Singapore) has an exciting and international educational environment with teachers and students from all over the world. As a family, we value the school’s willingness to listen and focus on providing the best possible education to raise well-rounded global citizen, balanced approach to education and its experienced and passionate staff. The teachers are always available to meet in case of parents require any further clarification. Also, the management’s doors are always open, which is very reassuring for us.

Besides the fact that GEMS (Singapore) is relatively new and that it isn’t easy to build a community in an expat environment where families come and go all the time, we think GEMS (Singapore) is doing a great job at building a community for parents. The school is constantly organising workshops for parents, family days and outings, which makes the school community very welcoming and lively.

Jola Kuc-Borowska


Date: February 2020

How did you first hear about your school? We lived in Croatia when the opportunity to relocate to Singapore arose and we found GEMS World Academy (Singapore) via the internet.

What factors played into your decision to send your child to this school? There are a lot of international schools in Singapore but our main target was a school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. One of the main factors was the quality of educators and experienced leadership team. GEMS (Singapore) provides comprehensive training and teacher professional development programmes. As a result, teachers better understand the student learning processes, students receive a high-quality education and their performance significantly improves. The size of the school, the diversity of the GEMS community and its amazing facilities played a very big role in our decision-making process.

Did you take a tour of the school before making your decision? What were your first impressions? After shortlisting four potential schools, my husband visited them during one of his business trips to Singapore. I remember our phone conversation, right after the visit, when he said: “GEMS is perfect for our boys!”. Modern and impressive facilities, top-notch equipment that inspires students to follow their passions and develop 21st-century skills, friendly atmosphere, open-minded and welcoming staff, all these factors contributed to the choice of the school for our family.

How did your child adjust to the school? Did the school take any special measures to help with the settling in process? Our older son very quickly adapted to the new environment. The school encourages a “buddy” system to ensure that new students immediately feel accepted and make friends from day one. He himself has been a “buddy” to some new students in his class and those friendships continue until today. Our younger son, who was 5 years old at the time, needed slightly more time and attention with one of us hanging out in or near the classroom for the first few days. The teachers were extremely supportive and accepted it with great understanding. Overall the atmosphere at GEMS (Singapore) is very friendly and our children feel really happy there.

What in your opinion are the three greatest strengths of the school? The school is constantly evolving and always ready to make changes to the best benefit and safety of the students and the whole school community. World-class facilities enable children to learn in a very innovation-driven environment equipping them with the skills and knowledge they will need in the fast-changing world. We also value the fact that the feedback from both parents and students is important to the leadership team.

How does the school include parents in the community? I have been a member of the Parent-Teacher Community Committee for the past two years and it was an amazing experience allowing me to be actively involved in the school life and organise various events. The GEMS Cultural Day is a great example. It is one of the biggest events promoting the diversity of the GEMS community. A lot of parents participate in this event. We decorate the school with wonderful country displays and cook exquisite global culinary delicacies to share the food and information about our home countries. The school also runs an endless amount of useful parent workshops. I find them very interesting and they give me valuable insights into children’s development, issues teenager may face these days, the ways curriculum being taught, various career paths etc.

How does the school keep you informed about your child’s progress? There are a few different platforms and we can easily monitor the progress of our children and keep track of what is happening during the classes. Teachers are also very supportive, always ready to meet in person and discuss any questions a parent might have.

What kind of child (or family) would you say would be the best fit for this school? Creative and open-minded children willing to take advantage of various experiences and opportunities the school has to offer, whether it is in visual and performing arts, music, sports, design or technology.

What extra-curricular activities or out of school programmes does the school offer that you have taken part in? Our younger son Kuba is a very active boy and he likes sports. Recently he joined the new GEMS Triathlon Academy. In the past, Kuba played in a football team, had Futsal and Coerver Coaching training sessions and also enjoyed various art-related activities such as chalk on wood. Jan, our older son, enjoys all science and design-related activities. He also loves playing electric guitar and has been a part of the school’s rock band for the past three years. It has been an excellent opportunity for his personal development and confidence building. Both boys also enjoyed their after-school rock climbing sessions.

Meet and Jyotdeep Bhatia


Date: March 2020

Dhyanaa joined GEMS (Singapore) in 2018 and Kianveer has been attending the Little GEMS Nursery programme for one year. We came across many IB schools when we did a search online. When this one popped up, we immediately knew that we had to visit it, as Jyotdeep had studied at a GEMS school for five years while in Dubai.

Once we visited, we immediately fell in love with it. The one thing that drew us most to the school was the diversity of the students, which is an amazing representation of the culture of Singapore too. The school provides a great opportunity to interact with different people and to be more sensitive towards them.

Both children are thoroughly enjoying school. For us as parents, it’s important and satisfying to see the children come home happy, full of energy and with things to share at this age. They don’t want to miss a single day of school and this says a lot about the teachers and the school. The IB curriculum really helps them think outside the box. They’re able to pick up topics and units and implement them in their lives. I’m also seeing the children’s personalities shaping up in a very positive way and I can’t thank their teachers enough for that.

Another thing that I really like about the school is their language and culture week. The teachers and their teaching partners are very warm and friendly. The class sizes are small so the children get a lot of personal attention and the school takes parent feedback sportingly. The school also has amazing facilities, including a learners’ pool for little ones.

Valerie and Ian McDonald


Date: May 2019

We’ve been living in Singapore for over two years now, and Jodie and Kirsty have attended GEMS (Singapore) since November 2017. Our experience, and that of our children, has been excellent. Our kids have great teachers and they settled down quickly. There’s a great diversity of activities available including sports, music, drama, art and science. Our children currently do music, art, Taekwondo and drama as part of their extracurricular activities. There’s an active parent community that regularly organises events. Our children are learning Mandarin as part of their normal curriculum and we are amazed by the progress they have made. They’re developing to be confident and active participants in their education journey.

We originally created a shortlist of schools based on research from the internet and recommendations from friends. Under our selection criteria, we focussed on academic performance, teaching format, class sizes, facilities and the general vibe of the school. We wanted a school offering the IB programme to give us the flexibility should we decide to leave Singapore. That’s why we decided on GEMS (Singapore). Our children are exceedingly happy and settled at the school and this, more than any other single factor, is why we are still there.

International schools in Singapore perform well academically, have great facilities, many have excellent student-to-teacher ratios and all are within decent travelling distance. Our advice is to focus on the environment. Visit the school with your children and see how they respond to the people, classes, facilities, activities and curriculum available.

Meri Rosich


Date: June 2020

We’ve lived in Singapore twice, for ten years in total, and also in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We are a third-culture family, with mum from Barcelona and dad from Zaragoza. Both of our kids have been at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) since 2017. There are many things we like about the school, but some that we particularly appreciate the diversity of the community, the range of competitive sports and the after-school activities. The level of flexibility and open-mindedness is a highlight: a year ago, we suggested adding taekwondo (the school already offered karate and judo as martial arts at the time); six months later, taekwondo became one of the activities!

In Tokyo, our kids attended a pure Montessori school, designed around the principles of collaboration, so we wanted to find a 21st-century skills school in Singapore. Five minutes into our first conversation with the Head of the Primary School, we knew that GEMS (Singapore) was the perfect environment for our family. We felt that the school offered the closest experience to what we loved about Montessori, with an IB curriculum. It was also not a big school and has a very international community (no single nationality represents more than 15 percent of the total). The open-door policy of the Principal and the faculty to connect with parents and to incorporate suggestions, together with facilities like the STEM labs, design centre, VR and robotics labs, convinced us that the school was a great choice.

We highly recommend the school to any family looking for a multicultural, highly academic and, at the same time, stress-free environment. GEMS (Singapore) has an open philosophy on how to educate great little people, offering spectacular facilities, a rich multicultural community and a strong IB focus.

Akira Kaffeman

Grade 2 Student

Date: February 2019

I made a lot of friends at school and they come from different parts of the world! I love playing soccer with them during break time on our big school field. I enjoy using the iPAD while learning Mandarin, recording our work, uploading it to SEESAW and sharing it with my parents. This is fun! All the teachers are nice, I like them so much!

Alicia Ann Soosai

Grade 10 (Scholarship Student and Athlete)

Date: February 2019

I joined GEMS World Academy (Singapore) in 2015 as a 7th grader.

The school’s holistic approach to learning and emphasis on sports, academics and the arts has allowed me to pursue each individual area that I aspire to excel in. Being an elite swimmer who has been representing my country for competitions, a pianist, and a student who strives for high-achieving academic results, I truly grow and fit in with the school.

“With my demanding weekly 25-hour swim schedule, my teachers have always been understanding and support me in managing between studies and my commitment to swimming.”

During the times where I need to travel overseas for competitions, they accommodate schoolwork deadlines accordingly, keep me updated on class activity, and willingly provide me with extra learning support when I return to school.

In addition, I certainly feel comfortable in the friendly and united school community of GEMS (Singapore). The small population of the school has enabled me to establish positive relationships with many of my fellow schoolmates and teachers. It is a culturally diverse school, and I always enjoy attending school among my schoolmates who come from all around the globe.

I believe that GEMS (Singapore)’s approach to empowering students to develop their individual potential will continue to benefit me in fulfilling my student-athlete ambitions.

Avaana Harvey

Grade 10 Student - Artist

Date: February 2019

How long have you attended the school and what year are you in currently?

I have attended GEMS World Academy in Singapore, since it’s opening in August 2014. I am a Grade 10 student. Choosing GEMS (Singapore) has been one of the best decisions because of the amazing opportunities and the incredible support I have had through the years.

What are some of the things you like best about the school?

“What I value the most at school are the teachers, who are always available to guide and challenge me both academically and in the field of Performance Arts. At GEMS I have been deeply influenced by the people I’ve met and enjoyed learning about new cultures. GEMS has taught me to push boundaries, take risks, innovate and create. Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of collaboration and teamwork.”

What’s your favorite subject and why?

While every subject is taught in an engaging and holistic manner, the one subject that stands out for me, is Drama. The way it is taught and the range of performance techniques we explore in each lesson, makes it extremely impactful and inspiring.

What has been the major highlight of your time at the school?

One of the highlights for me this year has been the Concert for Kerala Flood Relief Fundraiser. It was so heartwarming to see students and teachers from diverse backgrounds, come together to support a common cause.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I will graduate from the school in 2021 and hope to study Theatre Arts and Applied Drama in university.

Dhafin Rizaldi

Grade 10 - Scholarship Student and Musician

Date: February 2019

There are many things that I like about GEMS (Singapore). The facilities are great, my favorites are the auditorium and the music room. As a musician, it’s very necessary for me to practice as much as possible. I spend my time arranging music sessions with my schoolmates or by myself before school, at break and during lunch. The music room is filled with a wide range of instruments as well as music charts, which is amazing when having jam sessions with the school band.

These facilities help me achieve my goals and encourage myself to be out of my comfort zone by performing in the Auditorium. “When I joined the school, I found it very difficult to perform in front of a large audience. As I become more comfortable with the school community, many teachers have given me numerous opportunities to further expand my musicianship. Additionally, I’ve joined different extra curricular activities (ECAs) that made me improve in this area, such as GEMS Voices and the Jazz band.”

I’ve contributed to many events in the school and a few of the major highlights were the Open Mic, my solo piano performance during the Awards Ceremony and my personal artwork exhibition during Arts Week. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of the amazing teachers in the Arts department. They have given me the time and effort to help me improve as an Artist and Musician. I look forward to contribute more in future events that the school have arranged.

Jan Borowski

Grade 6 - (Scholarship Student)

Date: February 2019

Learning at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is one of the best experiences I had so far in my education. I really enjoy coming to school every day. The school offers various extracurricular activities, which helped me gain confidence and improve my skills. I have been able to participate in The Technopreneurs Challenge with my friends, where I learnt important lesson about entrepreneurship, teamwork and how to research effectively.

For the past two years, I have been granted a scholarship at GEMS (Singapore). Thanks to the “Stretch” program, which involved meetings with a mentor teacher, I was able to deepen my knowledge about the topics I am really interested in, Science in particular. Math and Science are my favourite subjects as they require a lot of thinking.

Our teachers are very kind and extremely supportive. Their attitude towards students helps develop a love for learning and inquiring into different topics. Not to mention “the amazing facilities that we have at school allows as to learn through personal experiences and develop life skills we may need to apply in the future. Our new Design Center is just out of this world; we can go wild with creativity there. We can use music rooms to practice with our School Rock Band and also get to perform on stage in the Auditorium. “

The student community at GEMS is caring, providing encouragement to each other and bringing a fantastic atmosphere every day. Because GEMS is an international school we get to work with different types of people who come from various backgrounds. This allowed me to learn a lot about my friends’ culture and traditions, which made me more internationally minded.

Luke Vongsakoun

KG2 Student

Date: February 2019

Where are you from Luke?
I am from the USA, but I moved to Singapore when I was 1 year old.

When did you start attending GEMS (Singapore)?
I started last year in Kindergarten KG1.

What do you like most about the school?
I like my teacher.

What do you like about your teacher, Ms. Mostert?
She is good at teaching, she speaks clearly and she is kind and funny. She thinks that I am funny too. She is a fair teacher.

What is your favorite subject?
I love swimming classes.

I love swimming and learning new strokes.

What swim strokes can you do?
I can already do breaststroke and freestyle.

What is your favorite space at school?
Cafeteria, I love to eat my sushi there and I also like our Playground where I can play football with my friends during the recess time.

Why do you have two IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile stickers on your T-shirt?
Ms. Mostert gave them to me during our circle time today in the morning. The first sticker is “IB Inquirer - I was an Inquirer today ask me why?”

Because I ask grown up questions. The second sticker says “IB Communicator: I was open minded today ask me why?”

Why did you get this sticker?
I got both stickers, because first I asked the grown up question and after I listened to the answer carefully and thought about the response.

Was the response what you wanted to hear?
Not really, but I had to accept the answer and that’s why I got the second sticker.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?
I don’t know yet. I am still thinking, but I know I have to be a Risk-taker.”

Maya Kaffeman

Grade 5 Student

Date: February 2019

GEMS (Singapore) gives me the opportunity to learn more about different cultures from around the world and experience it through many amazing events that are organized here on campus. I have learned a lot from this events; Cultural day was just an amazing showcase of our diverse community.

“Here at GEMS (Singapore), we learn “real-life skills” and not just studying what is written in the textbooks. For example, during my home learning I did a lot of research on topics that I can relate to in my real-life. Also, during the swimming classes, we’ve learnt not only how to swim fast and in the right form, but we’ve also learnt survival skills in the water.”

I have realized that the teachers are supporting students in a lot of ways; we always have great communication and it makes me feel like at home.

Shaquille Aranas

Grade 10 - House Leader and Athlete

Date: February 2019

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is an amazing school that presents many opportunities for its students. As a student athlete and house captain of the red tigers, I have been exposed to many things that have helped shape me into the person I am. I love the school because it accommodates everyone: you will meet new peers, friendly teachers, and enjoy the learning experience.

As an athlete in the GEMS Performance Athletes Program and Rugby 7’s Academy, the school provides top class facilities to train hard and get better. This school also provides great coaching to get athletes ready for their future, whether it is to go profesional or to help them learn important values and life skills.

Apart from sports, academics is very important. The classroom environment is great here because of the drive from the teachers as well as other students. The learning experience is very flexible and tailors to each individual student. With the countless number of athletes at the school, it’s hard to fit in academics which is why I love how the school has a flexible learning environment. I also love the classrooms because they give space to help students innovate and collaborate together, especially in the new Design Center.

“I have gotten many opportunities to learn, experience, and grow through GEMS World Academy Singapore. I have seen the New Zealand All Blacks practice on our field as well as the Samoa 7’s team. I have met olympians and world class athletes to help me learn more about myself and what it takes to be an athlete.”

As a new school with a developing rugby team, we were able to place 4th as a guest team in the SEASAC rugby tournament against older, experienced players. I have also participated in World Scholars Cup where my team and I competed against hundreds of schools across the whole world. We placed 150 overall, met new people and did many exciting things.

GEMS (Singapore) has helped me become more open minded about different nationalities and cultures. The school allows this through many events such as culture week, assemblies, and most importantly the students. There are students from all over the world, including myself. I love the diversity in the school and how it allows its students to connect. I am very happy to be at GEMS World Academy in Singapore and look forward to the many years of experiences and opportunities ahead.

Annika Nair

Grade 9.3

Date: February 2019

Hey everyone! I am Annika Nair, a student who joined GEMS World Academy (Singapore) 18 months back from Dubai.

This school has made a major impact on my personality. In the past I was more of a reserved girl occasionally lacking in self-confidence. However, after spending time here at GEMS, I was able to come out of my shell and be the person I always wanted to be!

One thing that I personally like about this school is that there are always various opportunities provided to all students. For example, If you are shy/geeky, the technology suite might be the right place for you. If you enjoy being in the spotlight, we have drama, music and all kinds of clubs to join. And in case you are an athlete, consider yourself lucky as you can explore several sports.

The facilities here are breathtaking! This was one of the many reasons I decided this was the right school for me.

I have been able to achieve what I always dreamt of! I was part of a musical production, represented the basketball team, won Spelling Bee twice, sang in the Senior Years choir, represented my culture in the Language Week by choreographing a Bollywood dance, became a student editor for the school newspaper and many more.

GEMS (Singapore) has definitely taught me real-life skills that I will be using in the foreseeable future.

The variety of ECA’s ignites your passion & creativity to keep exploring! Drama practice in the gigantic auditorium excites me a lot now unlike previously when I used to have stage fright.

Overall, the enthusiasm of the students, teachers as well as loyal parents to the GEMS community is contagious and immeasurable. I couldn’t be more gratified.

Thank you to GEMS (Singapore), I cherish some of the most unforgettable experiences in my life so far.

Aurora Corbellini

Grade 8.1

Date: February 2019

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) has provided me with countless opportunities to enhance my learning.

I am thankful for the great support from the GEMS Languages Educators which has helped me to push my limits in learning Chinese Language and improve my grades significantly.

I am a proud member of Model United Nations and Debate Club. The participation in these after school activities helps me to develop speaking, debating, social, research and persuasion skills, and also prepares me for the international relations pathway after high school.

My favourite subject is Individuals and Society. This subject incorporates political aspect into geographical and historical events and encourages to respect and understand the world around us. The most interesting part of the lessons is to answer challenging higher-level “exam like” questions which prepare us for the future scholastic careers.

All students at GEMS (Singapore) are provided with a great opportunity to plan a performance and perform in front of an audience (Language Week Assembly, CNY Assembly etc). I really appreciate this opportunity as it allows us not only to interact with other students from various grade levels, but also become more confident in front of the audience and build presenting/performance skills. These skills are extremely valuable and you can only perfect them by practicing. And GEMS provides an excellent opportunity to do so!

The school’s spirit is constantly growing. With the new addition of school houses the feeling of belonging and engagement between the students has grown tremendously. These houses keep every student engaged in friendly competition throughout the year  providing opportunities to develop leadership, communication and social skills.

One thing which I really like about the school’s environment is the level of acceptance that you will find here. The students and teachers are from all around the world, creating a feeling of belonging no matter where you are from or the experiences you have had in the past. You are never alone here!

Marilena Kolokotsa

Grade 10

Date: February 2019

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is a great school with very supportive teachers, modern facilities and several performing opportunities for students across all grades.

The one thing that particularly stood out for me since I joined GEMS in Grade 6 was the support that teachers and school leadership have given me.

They have taught me to learn from mistakes and push my boundaries to grow as a performer. Their continuous trust and support have helped me to feel far more confident while taking risks in performing.

Our teachers believe in us and constructively challenge us everyday. At the beginning it was quite tough, but later on I have realised that they are encouraging us to take ownership of our learning and guiding us to explore and develop our capabilities.

We are performing in different formats, such as solos, team performance or school performance. Thankfully we have great facilities to help make this happen! We have drama, music and practice rooms to do the rehearsals and build a comfort level before performing. We have a wide range of musical instruments allowing us to explore and practice. The school also provides two art rooms, a creative suite and a fully-furnished design centre that enables us to work with clay, wood, metal and plastic.

The school gives us numerous opportunities to showcase our creativity through the arts during the lessons and extracurricular activities, which we can create ourselves to engage with other students and the broader GEMS community.

The school encourages us to actively participate in major productions and performances such as the Wizard of Oz and the Addams Family.

On top of that, GEMS (Singapore) offers various scholarships to acknowledge our dedication to our fields of interest. These provide us mentoring opportunities which develop us further as role-models in the school environment.

George Shery Ponodath

Grade 10

Date: February 2019

GEMS in Singapore has always fostered my growth holistically. Be it academics, arts or sports I have had consistent support to push myself further.  I have had the privilege of, being the President of the Student Council, participating in multiple Model United Nations conferences and immerse myself into the multicultural environment. To me, GEMS is all about opportunity.

Being the President of the Student Council has embedded in me the skills of a responsible leader as well as an effective team player. Model United Nations has been invaluable in enhancing my communication and oratory skills and developing techniques for debating and dispute resolution. The skills I am learning go beyond the classroom and will serve me throughout my life.

One of my favourite spaces at GEMS is the Design Centre. In the ‘Makerspace’ ECA, I am allowed carte blanche to create whatever I want. I have used this opportunity to salvage a working scanner from an old printer, make a soldering fume extractor from found parts and even make myself an ergonomic laptop stand. Through this process I have learnt a great deal about materials, designing techniques and even how to think creatively when making designs.

I have greatly enjoyed engaging in endeavors for the betterment of the school community. I have been involved in setting up and testing of new equipment in the innovation lab and design suite. Through the student council I facilitated community events such as an open mic and students vs teachers basketball game. I even had the unique opportunity of composing the constitution of the Student Council.

The rich cultural backgrounds of my peers have helped me grow into a global citizen. Celebrating our differences and learning about our unique experiences has broadened my understanding of the world!

Karen Okabe

Grade 11

Date: March 2020

“Moving abroad and joining an international school was a big change for me. It has exposed me to various types of cultures and enabled me to be more confident and independent. When I first arrived at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), I instantly felt welcomed, the teachers were kind and all the students were friendly”.

If you are looking for an international school in Singapore, I definitely recommend determining what you really want to do in future and what kind of learning environment you are looking for. I knew that I wanted to pursue an IB Diploma Programme in an international school with small-sized classes. After visiting GEMS (Singapore), I knew this school is perfect for me!

I have been a part of GEMS (Singapore) for 3,5 years now and the school has given me some of the most precious memories and meaningful life lessons. On the first day of school, I was nervous and anxious, but at the same time, I was very excited to enter a whole new environment, have a great opportunity to study in an international school and meet students from different countries.

I was born in Germany and also lived in China and Japan prior to moving to Singapore. There are a lot of things that make GEMS (Singapore) different from schools but the biggest difference is definitely the diversity of our school. GEMS (Singapore) is a truly international school, we have students from 60+ nationalities. Every year the whole school community gathers together to celebrate a Cultural Day. Parents, students and teachers dress up in their national costumes and cook unique national dishes from all over the world. It is very exciting to see everyone united and celebrating our differences together.

Ever since I joined GEMS, I felt a lot of encouragement and support from my teachers. They give me opportunities to challenge myself, learn new skills every single day, push my limits and achieve my goals. I remember I was always nervous to speak English in front of other people because I didn’t want to make mistakes or have the person I’m talking to not understand me. Teachers at GEMS (Singapore) are highly qualified and I know they want us to succeed. They made me feel secure and small class sizes helped me to express myself without fear of judgement. As the number of students in each class is quite small, I know every single one of my classmates very well and it allows me to participate and communicate better in class. This kind of school environment allows us to learn more and build strong relationships with teachers and our peers. Today, I feel confident in speaking English at school and have a lot of friends.

My favourite class is Visual Arts and I enjoy expressing my emotions and thoughts through art. I am studying Visual Art as one of my Higher Level Diploma Programme subjects and dreaming about a creative career.

The school offers a great variety of afterschool activities. During the past couple of years, I tried playing different sports (touch rugby, netball, football and swimming), visual art, design and technology activities. I love playing sports and it has been an honour to represent our school in various competitions between international schools in Singapore. One of my last accomplishments at GEMS (Singapore) that I will definitely look back to is a “U16 Touch Rugby Player of the Year” award. I am very passionate about this sport and managed to build strong relationships and friendships with my teammates.

The school has given me some of the most precious memories and meaningful life lessons. The most memorable part of my education at GEMS (Singapore) is our trip to Cambodia. It was an unforgettable experience because not only we did sightseeing, but also did a lot of volunteering activities from building a water tank for the local community to teaching English to Cambodian children in a local school. The children we met there were very charming and welcoming. Although it has been more than a year, my friends and I often talk about how much we miss them and the experiences we have had.

All of the schools that I have attended in the past did not have teachers who are as determined as the teachers at GEMS (Singapore). Overall, this school offers a great variety of opportunities and helps students to get a head start to a successful career. That’s why I love this school!

Yixuan Sun

Grade 9

Date: June 2019



Elizabeth Chernyak

Grade 12 Student

Date: November 2020

I have joined GEMS World Academy (Singapore) in August of 2019. Choosing this school was a simply brilliant decision! I have grown as an individual and as a member of the global community. I learn something new every day, supported by exceptional teachers and mentors.

The GEMS community is one of the most incredible things about the school. I have met people who have made a lasting impact on me as a person, and I have been exposed to an immense number of different cultures. One of the main highlights of my school - we do not have a dominant culture. This balance creates nurtures the development of international-mindedness, and ensures that everyone is equally respected and appreciated.

Academics is a top priority at GEMS, and though I have enjoyed every class, biology is definitely the subject that fascinates me the most. I can spend hours learning about life, our cells, DNA, diseases. Our fantastic biology teacher always ensures that we not only learn what is written in the textbooks but understand the content, ask questions, and explore how we can apply it to real life.

To complement my fascination with science, I have really enjoyed being a part of the school productions. Biology and theatre both encompass life and stepping on a stage, embodying a role, allows me to tell stories of people who cannot, stories of the life I learn about.

I hope to study both biology and theatre in university, and continue with genetic research in undergraduate school.

George Ponodath

Alumni of class 2020

Date: October 2020

I joined GEMS World Academy Singapore in August 2015. After five years together, I now take the next step in my education, studying Medicine at University College London (UCL). Looking back at the past five years, I’m proud of how GEMS has moulded me into a creative thinker and a global citizen.

The IB Diploma Program is very demanding. Students are expected and encouraged to explore a wide range of global ideas, think critically and creatively, expand both intellectual and emotional intelligence capabilities. GEMS is a great place to nurture personal growth, develop leadership skills and pursue the talents you have always wanted to. Over the past couple of years, I have had a chance to lead the Student Council and chair the MUN Conference, develop public speaking skills, collaborate with the school’s management team and students across all grade levels.

Since as long ago, as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the natural world and science. This interest has led me to my love of biology and chemistry. My biology classes with Mr Grundhoefer were very student-centric. He has great respect for his students and treats them like young adults. He always encouraged us to take ownership of our learning, ask questions, think critically, and give our inputs. He was always very supportive, and his classes prepared me well for university.

One of the most significant aids I got at GEMS was from our University Counsellor, Mr McAuley. He supported me through the process of researching universities and applying to UCL. He guided me on how to write a personal statement for the university application and helped me to explain why I would be a great candidate for one of the most prestigious medical courses in the word.

I have had an excellent opportunity to increase my cultural awareness while studying with a bunch of great people from all over the world. Despite moving to a big city and diving into a new culture, my transition to London and UCL has been a seamless one. The support of my teachers was essential in helping me appreciate the nuances of each subject and contributed to my holistic growth, and allowed me to develop soft skills that would serve me for life.

Sabrina Ayles (British/Malaysian)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

I'll miss my teachers and my classmates the most. I would like to thank Mr Roberts, for making Physics engaging and fun, and Ms Rimmer, for being supportive and helping me reach my fullest creative potential. Over the past two years, GEMS has taught me how to be open-minded, organised and perseverant. Since joining the school at the beginning of the IB Diploma Programme, I genuinely believe I have become a more knowledgeable and outgoing person.

Nova McGinn (Canadian)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

The teachers and the environment at GEMS have helped me become the friendly and hardworking person I am today. Aside from my friends and classmates, I'll miss the teachers and the great art and design facilities.

Maahin Bose (Australian)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

GEMS has impacted me in so many different ways. Always pushing me to be the best version of myself, even if I didn't know it. My biggest ups and downs have been during these 4 years at GEMS but look at me now...Graduated, all done and missing every moment. I look back, and I realise how every single minute at school has shaped me into being the person I am today, and that is something I will always cherish. Thank you GEMS, you will forever be part of me.

Charles-Antoine Dechosal (French)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

After spending a few years at GEMS, it will be strange to leave this place filled with great teachers and classmates. I enjoyed learning different subjects and completing challenging CAS requirements. Great things have happened here, and they will not be forgotten.

Yichen Wang (Chinese)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail, but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly. High school time has gone by so quickly!

The life at GEMS was unforgettable and enjoyable. I will miss all the teachers who taught me knowledge and skills, the time we have spent playing rugby and the Sports day. GEMS has taught me not only subject knowledge enhancement but also valuable life skills. I became more confident and surely more mature.

Anmol Sahu (British)

Alumni of class 2020

Date: May 2020

A heartfelt 'Thank you to GEMS' for empowering me and helping me boost my confidence for the next phase of my life and future career. I genuinely believe that great leaders and inventors are not born; they are motivated and inspired to do great things!

Rebecca Samuel

Alumni of Class 2018

Date: February 2019

The IB Diploma Programme was an extremely challenging experience that I was privileged to undergo at GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

“The variety of subjects offered at GEMS (Singapore) allowed me to focus on particular areas of interest and passion such as Psychology, Biology and Literature - all of which I continue to pursue at university.”

The university application process can be stressful and overwhelming, to say the least, but the endless support and advice provided by the Academic Advisor Mr Jonathan Cox enabled all of the graduates to tackle and accomplish the requirements needed to get into our desired universities.

With great certainty, I can say that the skills I've learnt and practised while studying at GEMS (Singapore) such as perseverance, discipline and independence have been crucial towards embarking on this new challenging journey.

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