Balanced & Values-based Learning

GEMS balanced education develops every facet of your child

We are committed to providing outstanding international education through a balanced programme delivered across academics, sports and the arts.

Strong emphasis is placed on the development of the whole child, to foster excellence in every student.



We believe that an education driven by values plays a vital role in a child’s holistic upbringing. This is why we focus on nurturing excellence in an environment that gives equal importance to strong emotional development, character building and a social conscience.

At GEMS (Singapore), our children learn to develop every facet of themselves, so they can shine in any part of the world.

Our students are empowered with an international perspective and a passion to excel through GEMS core values Global Citizenship, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by learning and Leading through innovation. They are inspired to seek constant improvement and to challenge old ways of thinking, as they prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Why is this so important to us? We believe academic skills influence what a child becomes, but strong values decide who a child becomes.

We believe that a strong academic foundation plays a leading role in your child’s holistic development.

Our study programmes are underpinned by an enlightened curriculum that emphasises international perspectives and a global outlook.

We provide inquiry-based learning, encouraging traits like curiosity and exploration, as well as an integrated approach that reinforces connections between subjects, for more meaningful learning.

The quality of our teachers has an important influence on your child’s performance.

At all times we seek to recruit an exceptional teaching faculty. They possess proven international school experience and are passionate about providing outstanding learning opportunities, so your child has access to the best resources in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

We believe that a robust sports and fitness programme plays an important role in your child’s holistic development.

The benefits of sports go far beyond a healthy body. They also build a healthy mind and foster many of the social skills required in daily life.

Engaging in sport teaches values that stay with a child forever.

Children learn to dream big and never give up. They learn that winning in any sphere of life takes hard work and preparation. They learn to win with grace and accept defeat with dignity.

Our comprehensive sports programme includes, but is not limited to, soccer, rugby, track and field, basketball and cross-country – complemented by a host of after-school enrichment activities.

Both programmes are designed to encourage students to embrace physical activity, enjoy the thrill of competition and cultivate long-term fitness habits.

We believe that music, drama, dance and visual arts play an important role in your child’s holistic development.

Using the arts as a gateway to learning is instrumental in developing many important aspects of a child’s personality during the formative years.

Through the arts, valuable skills like creativity, self-expression, confidence, critical thinking, problem solving and social interaction are instinctively absorbed by children and remembered for life.

Students from Grades 1-5 are provided with a violin or cello and have access to 1-on-1 specialist music lessons in purpose-built soundproof studios.

We believe that committed and fully engaged parents  play an important role in their child’s holistic development.

International research supports the observation that parental engagement impacts student achievement in the most positive ways possible.

It is a powerful tool to maximise the performance of your child. We urge parents to consistently talk, share and encourage learning with their children at every opportunity.

We have also developed a framework of systems and processes that allow parents to work in partnership with teachers, provide feedback on course content and delivery, as well as monitor their child’s progress closely.

We believe that inspirational school facilities play an important role in your child’s holistic development.

The aim of our best-in-class facilities is to enhance learning and provide your child with a peerless international education experience.

From ground-breaking sports facilities to cutting-edge arts infrastructure and advanced classroom technology, we have thought of everything that makes learning more fulfilling for our students.

In addition to state-of-the-art learning technology, we have an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a specialist Early Years pool, a stunning auditorium, an indoor gym with a climbing wall and an all-weather playing field.

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