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Athlete Performance Programme

Supporting young athletes who wish to achieve excellence across a variety of sports.

In every child, there is a unique set of talents that will help them excel. For some it’s sports. That’s why we have created the GEMS Sports Academy Programmes - including the GEMS Rugby Academy. Led by professional coaches and Olympic medallists, they understand how to leverage each child’s abilities and how this can help them achieve more, on and off the field; teaching them teamwork, resilience and leadership skills. And once they fly, the ability to thrive in tomorrow’s competitive world.

At GEMS World Academy (Singapore) we provide a sporting environment that encourages students to push themselves to new heights. We create opportunities to participate at all levels, allowing students to develop their skills and knowledge and aim for ever higher performance targets.


The GEMS (Singapore) Performance Programme is a unique high-performance programme designed to support young athletes who wish to achieve excellence across various sports. The programme offers coaching support, training opportunities and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals.  High-performance programmes for students wishing to push themselves to higher levels of conditioning and skills execution can get selected for the Athlete Programme, Rugby 7s Academy, Swimming Academy and Triathlon Academy.


Our sports philosophy is two-fold. First that our students will train to develop their skills, knowledge and competitive instincts so they can be successful on the field and in the pool. Second, they will experience and understand the importance of transferable skills such as taking responsibility for their actions and learning to be an effective team player through collaboration, communication, commitment, selflessness, and hard work.

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At GEMS World Academy (Singapore), sport is a key element of our balanced educational approach. Sports at GEMS (Singapore) aims to transform young athletes into confident, critically thinking, healthy young sportspeople. Our supportive and motivating learning environment ensures GEMS (Singapore) provides the ultimate foundation for future success. 

For those students wishing to take their sporting interest into the IB Diploma in Grade 11 - 12, GEMS (Singapore) offers the Diploma course in Sports, Exercise and Health Science which involves the study of the science that underpins physical performance. Anatomy,  physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition.

GEMS - Athlete Performance Programme

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