School Bus

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) contracts an external transport provider, Tong Tar Transport Services Pte Ltd, to provide transport for its students.

Parents pay Tong Tar for the transport services and the School acts, in a liaison role, between parents and Tong Tar ensuring that the transport requirements are met.

All buses are equipped with seatbelts and students to travel to and from school with Bus Attendants (Bus Aunties), who ensure children’s safety and maintains a good demeanour.

School Bus Service Fees 

Please be advised that below pricing is solely for Home to School bus services per Semester only.  The ECA Bus Fees are separated.

Distance from GEMSReturnOne way (AM)One way (PM)
Under 4 km $1,347.50 $1,078 $1,078
4,1-5 km $1,347.50 $1,078 $1,078
5,1-8 km $1,567.50 $1,113 $1,113
8,1-10 km $1,567.50 $1,255 $1,255
10,1-12 km $1842.50 $1,365 $1,365
12,1-15 km $1842.50 $1,475 $1,475
15,1-18 km $2,035 $1,560 $1,560
18 km and above $2,035 $1,785 $1,785


All fares quoted are in Singapore dollars and are subject to prevailing Goods and Services Tax of seven percent (7%).

The bus fare is calculated based on the straight-line distance between your Residence (pickup/drop-off point) and the School. Click here to measure the distance.


How to arrange a bus service for your child?

  1. Please read the Terms and Conditions & Bus Regulations carefully. 
  2. Submit Bus Registration Form to register your child's travel details. By submitting this form you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions above and undertake the responsibility for your child's adherence to the same.
  3. Once registered, you will be emailed an acknowledgement of registration. The acknowledgement will ask you to confirm your details. Some Parents may receive a phone call from the bus vendor to further confirm details or other reasons pursuant to the registration.
  4. Applications must be received within the deadlines stipulated. Your application will take between 2 to 4 weeks to be processed. 
  5. Please note that a seat for your child can only be confirmed when full payments have been received by Tong Tar.




ECA Bus Service

Tong Tar is also pleased to provide an afternoon bus service to predetermined drop-off locations around Singapore for the students participating in Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA’s).  

ECA Bus Service (per student for 10 weeks)
Drop-off point Existing Riders
Non-existing Riders
1-time ECA per week $120 $240
2-time ECA per week $240 $480
3-time ECA per week $360 $720
4-time ECA per week $480 $960
5-time ECA per week $600 $1,200

 The ECA buses provide service to the following convenient drop-off locations around Singapore:

  • Tanah Merah Mrt - At Taxi Stand
  • Bishan Mrt - Point Near Taxi Stand
  • Clementi Mrt - Blk 322 Clementi Ave 5 Open Space Carpark
  • Great World City - Taxi Stand Along Kim Seng Road
  • Singapore American Club – Entrance
  • Tanjong Rhu - Waterside Condo Bus Stop
  • Opposite Vivocity - Harbourfront Mrt Station Bus Stop
  • Buangkok Mrt Station

  All fares quoted are in Singapore dollars and are subject to prevailing Goods and Services Tax of seven percent (7%).



Shuttle Bus Service

We provide a free shuttle bus service from Yishun MRT daily during term time

GEMS Shuttle Bus Schedule (Monday-Friday)
Yishun MRT to GEMSGEMS to Yishun MRT
7:30 AM 3:30 PM
7:40 AM 3:35 PM
7:50 AM 3:55 PM
7:55 AM 4:40 PM
8:05 AM 4:55 PM
8:20 AM 5:20 PM
8:25 AM  


Shuttle Bus Waiting Area

GPS Token and School Bus App

As part of our efforts to further improve the bus service and to ensure the safety of your children travelling to and from school on their own, a GPS token will be issued to the registered student within the first week of school and a new bus app introduced. Features of the bus token and app include:

  • Checking to ensure the safety of your children travel to and from school
  • Ensure that every student is accounted for throughout the journey
  • Send notifications via the App should your child be absent, drivers are also able to quickly modify their route and shorten waiting time for other passengers
  • Track the approximate time of arrival of the bus
  • More transparency for the school The first token issue is free of charge. However, if lost the replacement will be $25 chargeable to the parent.


Transport Office Information

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 4:30 pm
Closed: Weekends and Public/School holidays

Transport office is located on Level 2 (Main Lobby) next to the Finance Office.


For Bus Operations enquiries, please contact:

Transport office number: +65 6808 7381
HQ Office number: +65 6261 5537
Hotline: +65 9633 1032 (for emergency situations only) - please message via SMS or WhatsApp between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

For feedback, please contact:




  1. Can alternative pick-up and drop-off points be arranged for my child?
    Due to safety reasons, we are unable to offer this option for ALL students. Your child will only be picked up and dropped off at the designated pick-up and drop-off points.
  2. Why are there changes to the bus assigned to my child and/or in the pick-up and/ or drop-off times?
    The buses are required to arrive at school on time. Similarly, buses will also leave the school compound shortly after dismissal. Depending on the number of students taking the bus and the number of additional students joining the bus service during the course of the term, the pick-up and drop-off timings may change.
  3. How do you determine the order in which each child would be picked-up and dropped-off?
    The routings for each bus are arranged such that each driver will take the best route based on distance, timing, the traffic condition and the number of people on the bus. We will determine the order by which students are to be picked-up and dropped-off based on the best route for the trip. The last person to board the bus in the morning may therefore not be the first person to alight in the afternoon.
  4. Our child lives nearest to the school. Why is it that our child is not the last student to be picked up and the first student to be dropped off?
    Please refer to Question 3 above.
  5. Why does the bus take longer to get to school than if we were to travel by car?
    The buses serve many families travelling to school and there are several stops along the way to pick up students. The speed limit for buses are also normally lower than for cars. Therefore it does take longer to travel to school on the bus than in a car. In the afternoon, buses leave the school up to 20 minutes after dismissal time to allow all students sufficient time to board the bus and be seated safely.
  6. Why is the travel time longer than last year?
    It could be that the route is different from last year, or the number of stops from the time your child is picked up may have increased. In addition, traffic in Singapore has become heavier in recent years.
  7. Our family is living in a condominium. Where is the designated pick-up and drop-off point for our child at our condominium?
    Pick-up and drop-off locations for students living in condominiums are usually at the guardhouse or the gate barrier. We will inform you of the designated drop-off or pick-up location on confirmation of the bus routes. Our buses are unable to pick up and drop off the students directly at their blocks as this may compromise the safety of the bus as it manoeuvres around the tight compound of the condominium. This would also increase the travelling time.
  8. Our family is living at a landed property. Where are the designated pick-up and drop-off point for our child?
    The pick-up and drop-off point are normally at the gate of their house. However, some houses may be situated along a narrow road or a road with a dead end. In such cases, the designated pick-up and drop-off point will be a place that is convenient, practical and safe for the student and the bus.
  9. Can our child be picked up and dropped off permanently from another address?
    Yes, he can, as long as you inform us at least 2 weeks in advance to allow us to make changes to the existing bus system.
  10. Can our child take another bus operated by you when he goes for a "sleepover" or a "playdate" at his schoolmate's place?
    No, we are unable to accommodate such request. Cross-travels between our buses will complicate the routing of the bus and compromise our bus service system efficiently and the students’ safety.
  11. Why are the buses sometimes late?
    Traffic conditions are unpredictable. We are therefore unable to accurately time the arrival of the bus. This is especially so in traffic congestions, bad weather or roadworks.
  12. What determines the size of the bus used for each route?
    This is determined by the number of students taking the bus, the number of pick-ups and drop-off points and the estimated travelling time for the route.
  13. Is my child provided with insurance coverage while travelling on the bus?
    Yes. Singapore transport law requires every bus owner to maintain Third Party Vehicle Insurance coverage. No bus is permitted to carry passengers on the road without this coverage.
  14. Are the buses safe for our children to travel on?
    Regular inspections of the safety items of the buses, including seat belts, fire extinguishers and first-aid kits are conducted. In addition, mechanical checks of buses are mandatory and must be done every year at an independent government-approved inspection centre, to certify that the bus is safe for travel on the road.
  15. Who will take care of my children while on the bus?
    On every bus, there is a bus aunty on board to supervise the students. Their primary duties are to ensure the safety of the riders and maintain discipline in the bus. Bus aunties follow safeguarding guidelines and are advised to speak in a moderate tone to misbehaving students. Behavioural issues encountered during bus journeys are referred to the Transport Manager, who will in turn advice the School and parents accordingly.
  16. How and when do we make payment of the bus service charges?
    Tong Tar accepts payment via Paypal, Giro, cheque or cash. Invoices are issued to parents twice yearly and are payable before the stipulated due date. Payment reminders increase our administrative costs and we, therefore, ask parents to respect the due date for payment. Tong Tar reserves the right to impose late charges on payments that are not received on time. Further, parents should be reminded that a seat on the bus is confirmed only after payment is received.
  17. My Company is paying for the bus service charges. How do I arrange for the invoice to be sent to my Company?
    Please indicate when registering that your company should be invoiced. We will then take this as the standing instruction and invoice accordingly until we are further notified in writing by you.



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