This Is Me

Claire Rimmer, Arts Subject Leader April 2, 2019
This Is Me

We are delighted to share with you the many varied talents of our graduating Art Class with their 'This is Me' Exhibition, located in the Main Lobby all this week. It is the accumulation of just under two years, many weeks of hard work, hours of thinking, endless conversations, continual experimentation, constant creativity, occasional procrastinating, growing independence and successful collaboration.

Well done to Erica Dofitas, Alya (Hoor) Abdulla Alshhei, Chiara Cerciello, Tracy (Jia Ni) Cui, Lucas (Tae-Soo) Kim, Anri Ogasawara and Samar Roy.

Students have grown both as artists and individuals and discovered much more about themselves in terms of being global citizens, art activists and practical creators. They have responded and critiqued, reviewed and refined, drawn, splattered, scrapped and carved, photographed and captured, dissected and reconnected, laughed and cried.    

They have improved their approaches to learning (ATL) and made authentic connections with other subjects, and other artists, as well as their local and wider community. These young artists have learnt a lot about themselves, the artistic process and displayed many of the values of a well rounded IB learner. They are proud to share this all with you in both their exhibition spaces and in the summary of their artistic journey in the form of their process portfolios.

Every exhibition space has been personally curated by each individual student artist in a particular way, for a specific reason. Their curational rationales and exhibition texts posted alongside their work help the audience connect further with their inspiration, method and meaning. We hope you enjoy the work both aesthetically and conceptually and enjoy celebrating their hard work with us.

Whilst some students are choosing an alternative career path to the Arts we are very proud that one student has been accepted to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, several others have been accepted into the fantastic Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and others have hopes of studying architecture in Italy or attending the School of Visual Arts (SVA NYC).

Wherever they go and whatever they do one thing is for certain, their time here at GEMS(Singapore) has enriched them as individuals and added value to their journey. In turn their enthusiasm for this subject and their passion for creating will inspire future young artists to pursue their own paths too.

Please enjoy visiting the exhibition in person and also viewing more photos that capture the essence of these unique exhibitions on opening night so perfectly. Folder One, Folder Two. Huge thank you to Nicholas (and Sandra) Macheroux (Grade 8 student) and Marina Anpilogova for their beautiful photographs. Also thank you to everyone who supported the students to make this event happen, especially Mr. Emery, Ms. Paris and Mr. Lowther-Heard.


Claire Rimmer, 
Arts Subject Leader



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