The importance of the MYP Personal Project

Kylie Begg, MYP/IGSCE Coordinator November 7, 2019
The importance of the MYP Personal Project

In the fifth year of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Grade 10 students participate in the Personal Project Exhibition designed to showcase their skills and knowledge that they have been building throughout their secondary year's education.

The personal project is an individual project that students choose and create. The students choose a topic that interests them personally and a global context that helps the student to develop a project with a clear and specific focus. From there, the students develop a product to fulfil their goals and document their research and learning in a report.


This year we saw some spectacular products at the exhibition of their projects.


Chrisbec developed a new design of turbine blade for use in developing nations where millions of people live off the grid. Arnav researched the design and architectural elements necessary in a skyscraper and learned how to create a 3 D plan using Sketchup. Juliana wrote a handbook to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits in teenagers and gave everyone at the exhibition a workout. Aamina wrote and performed a song, and filmed a music video aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues. Guilherme made a stop motion lego video to teach others about the history of Brazil’s privilege system.

These are just to name a few of the 56 projects that were on display. 

The preparation for the exhibition is not an easy process as students need to exercise spectacular self-management skills - working around problems and organising time amongst their other responsibilities. They have to use sophisticated research skills and creative thinking. Most of all, the have to persist with a long term project, developing character and resilience.

I believe that the Personal Project is incredibly important in developing the mindset and skills needed as they embark on their Grade 11 programmes. I was impressed with the way the Grade 10s spoke about their products and their learning. I could hear their pride in and enthusiasm for their projects, despite the challenges.

Congratulations Grade 10!


Kylie Begg
MYP/IGSCE Coordinator


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