The Importance of Communication & Collaboration

Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal December 12, 2018
The Importance of Communication & Collaboration

Communication, making connections and collaboration are key factors in building a school community. Every day fantastic things are happening but how do we make sure that our wider community know about the discussions, learning experiences and opportunities that are taking place? 

Social media provides us with unique opportunities to communicate and collaborate

We have the GEMS (Singapore) Twitter account and we also have a number of teachers in the EY/PY division who use Twitter to share the wonderful learning taking place in their classrooms. They also share their thoughts and ideas related to teaching and learning and they engage in professional discussions and forums with fellow educators around the world. In turn, we see this translate into classroom practice and team discussions.


We use the school Facebook page to share photos and videos of key events, assemblies and learning that is taking place in classrooms. 

We have established connections with other schools within the GEMS network again to communicate and establish connections that are then being utilised in student learning. We write newsletters and blogs that we publish on our school website. These articles may follow on from a parent workshop or provide an overview of new initiatives but these are all communicated so that the wider school community knows and understands why we do what we do and the thought process behind it.

EY/PY Parent Portal

During semester two, we will also launch the EY/PY Parent portal, which will act as another key platform for communication.

This week a survey has been sent out by the PYP coordinators asking for your input into the workshops we can offer to communicate what we do and share our practice in practical ways. We welcome your feedback and participation as it increases the level of engagement between home and school. 

The Little GEMS Nursery 

On our return to school in January, we will be opening two new Nursery classes for students aged 2-3 years. 

Our Nursery classes have a maximum of 14 students in a class with a teacher/student ratio of 1:7. Our lead Nursery Teachers are Ms Razya Abdul Kader and Ms Umairah Abdullah and their teaching partners are Ms Dian Farhana Harun and Ms Nurbani Noordin.

Our Nursery students will be following a play-based approach to learning, developing important skills such as thinking skills, motor skills, social skills and self-management skills. We look forward to opening these classes and expanding our Early Years division.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our EY/PY staff members a very well deserved break. We appreciate everything you do for our students. To our returning families, I wish you a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you back on the first day of school Tuesday 8th January. 

To our families who are leaving us in December, we wish you all the very best on your new adventure and thank you for being a part of our GEMS World Academy (Singapore) community.


Safe travels, happy holidays!


Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal


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