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Technology in Teaching & Learning

Patrick Holt, Head of Educational Technology June 18, 2020
Technology in Teaching & Learning

Every day we enjoy the benefits and grapple with the challenges of our high tech lives. We enjoy the benefits and convenience of technology tools and digital space when it appears seamless and does not disrupt. At the same time, we are challenged by new ideas, thinking and lifestyle that digital life brings. We often navigate new technologies with old ideas and approaches. Most of the time, our tech is much more modern that the mindsets that use them.

This year at GEMS World Academy Singapore, we have continued to work on improving our digital dispositions in both our student and staff communities. By offering new technologies, adding a Flight Simulator and renovating a Green Screen in the Innovations Suite, we have increased the number of students dropping by to this already popular makers space. We have also noticed a steady increase in Green Screen use and technology integration in classroom lessons. Students have been using micro-computers (hummingbird Duo, Mocrobit) and Dash robots and developing problem-solving skills.

Recently we have opened a new Collaboratory STEM and design learning space for our Primary Years students.

GEMS (Singapore) provides students with an innovative curriculum and modern technologies to help them navigate an ever-changing digital landscape and tools. Richard Henry, Head of School, and a small group of GEMS educators have taken a professional development course based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards and transformative pedagogy. After the course, they have started to apply their new knowledge and compile a competency-based portfolio with learning and teaching artefacts to earn the ISTE Certification and transform student learning in meaningful ways. 

The technology landscape is forever evolving, and we are committed at GEMS World Academy Singapore to be agile in our approach to the digital world to serve our learners best.

Patrick Holt
Head of Educational Technology