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Student Voices: The World Scholar's Cup 2019 Tournament of Champions

Neil Ghosh November 22, 2019
Student Voices: The World Scholar's Cup 2019 Tournament of Champions

The World Scholar's Cup 2019 Tournament of Champions was a tournament plagued with gargantuan alpacas, shiny trophies and mystery. The tournament featured epic individual challenges, team debates, collaborative writing and team bowls. All these events challenged 10 humble scholars from GEMS World Academy (Singapore), who had spent countless hours preparing for this tournament. Our scholars had persevered through the Regional Tournament in Singapore and the Global Tournament in Manila. Both of these events built anticipation to compete and succeed in the Tournament of Champions, held at the prestigious Yale University.

Anjali Grillo, Diego Paniagua Silva, Leila Pereira, Fred Reidy, Sam Poder, Arsh Shrivastava, and Neil Ghosh represented GEMS in the Junior Division. They brought home almost 50 medals and 2 trophies. Leila placed an amazing 43rd in debate and won many other awards along with her teammates, Fred and Diego. Anjali, a scholar with 2 teammates from other schools, placed extremely high, winning 31st in the debate, 88th place in collaborative writing, and 8th place in team debate. Arsh, Sam, and Neil were the top 14th team out of approximately 700+ teams. Their team were also the top 51st team in team debate and top 24th team in the bowl. Sam, Arsh, and Neil continued to succeed by placing 4th in team writing whilst Neil was placed 6th for his outstanding collaborative writing essay and was also placed 87th top scholar out of approximately 2000 scholars! Sam was also placed extremely high, getting a medal for each subject area and placing 54th scholar overall, winning top scholar from GEMS (Singapore). 

Bruno Barcak, Nadia Swatton and Sara Swatton represented GEMS in the Senior Division. This means that they had to compete against more experienced scholars. Sara, Nadia, and Bruno were the top 74th team out of approximately 500+ teams and they were the top 141st team in a team bowl. They also scored a whopping 31st in a team debate with Sara placing 22nd in debate out of nearly 2000 students whilst Bruno brought home another silver medal for placing as top 161st scholar in this division. Nadia also did extremely well, bringing home a gold medal for writing an outstanding essay.

In addition to the competition at Yale, the students also had the opportunity to visit the prestigious universities such as MIT and Harvard. Other travel opportunities included exploring the Plimoth Plantation and two jam-packed days in New York. 


Neil Ghosh
Grade 9 student