Student Action

Kylie Begg, MYP/IGSCE Coordinator May 10, 2019
Student Action

The first Earth week at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) was a great success. Earth week was initiated by a group of students who worked together to plan and present the activities to the younger students at school.

Our Earth week started with an inspiring presentation. 'Our plate and the planet'  by Ms Ambaree Majumder was quite literally food for thought. She spoke about the link between climate change and intensive animal farming and inspired many of us to think about ways we could reduce our meat consumption.

Throughout the week there was a range of activities to get involved in:

  • Primary students made eco-gardens - a way to recycle plastic bottles and create more greenery around the school.
  • Grade 6 students created an endangered animal gallery to raise awareness for the animals they have researched.
  • Gabrielle and Arthur led a terrarium-making workshop and we made beautiful pieces of living art.
  • Ms Holloway organised a fantastic Zokin gake race (cleaning cloth race) for students to compete for their house challenge "We care for our school facilities".
  • Many students entered the endangered animal badge competition and contributed to our fantastic sustainability tree.

Most importantly, Earth week has inspired lots of students to bring their ideas forward to our Environmental Action Council. We look forward to working together to put their initiatives into action for a more sustainable community.


For over a week, a group of students have initiated and carried out a campaign to support ‘Help Anna’. Help Anna is an initiative by the Singapore Committee for UN Women aimed at ending violence towards women and girls. Objectives of the campaign:


  • Inform people about the work of UN Women and the Help Anna project
  • Raise awareness of gender equality and issues of violence which affect women and girls around the world
  • Promote gender equality by encouraging equal relationships between girls and boys, women and men by looking at gender roles and issues around gender equality
  • Educate people about Gender-Based Violence


  • Raise money for the Help Anna project by running campaign activities at school

Building Community & School

  • Lift up the spirit of the school community by persuading people to come together for a common cause
  • Promote the house system at school by using the house point system
  • Students and teachers to have fun before the end of the academic year
  • Show the importance of community service and a sense of giving
  • Build the connection between GEMS and an international organization like the Singapore Committee for UN Women
  • Teach the importance of community and caring about others

The team of Help Anna campaigners have put together a range of fantastic activities to help reach their objectives including:

  • An awareness stand and white ribbon pin sales
  • A creative writing competition
  • A poster competition
  • A silent auction - teachers have already put some amazing items up for auction on the Google + community site. Students send their bids for the items to the teachers by email
  • Snack sales at Friday night’s Transition dance.

There is still time for students and families to show their support for Help Anna, and get involved in one of the activities. If you would like to buy a white ribbon to show your support, donation boxes can be found at the cafe and the playground. For more information, the awareness stand will be running at the Family Fun Day.

Thank you for your support!


Kylie Begg
MYP/IGSCE Coordinator



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