Sporting Highlights

Danny Tauroa, Head of Sport and Physical Education June 21, 2019
Sporting Highlights
As I review the sporting year for our GEMS Jaguars Teams, I am very proud of our progress and achievements. Out of a possible 24 teams that were in contention for league medals this year, we came home with 12! 50% success rate is an outstanding achievement and a testament to the growth of sports at GEMS (Singapore) and celebration of a true dedication and hard work from our student-athletes and our coaches (most of whom were our teaching staff). I am also proud to highlight the individual achievements of our swimmers, triathletes and cross-country runners. We will continue providing the right opportunities for our students to grow as athletes and perform at the highest levels in their chosen sports.
Next year we will have the benefit of coordinators for key sports that we want to place more emphasis on and provide more support for. The following PE Staff will take on these coordinator roles:
Ms Ella Aretnz - girls sport
Mr Damian Hoo - basketball
Mr Ben Tomlinson - football
These are developing roles where the coordinators will provide support for the team coaches with advice on training protocols, planning and focus areas for each age group concerning skill development and game understanding. We believe this will further contribute to the development of our sports program and see increased player performance and success.

The summer break is always well anticipated and welcomed by both teachers and students. It’s also a great opportunity for our students to put some time into their physical and mental well-being. I always encourage students to take enjoy the break from school work and their mind a rest and forget about the stress of homework, assessments, tests and exams.  It’s a perfect opportunity to recalibrate the mind and clear some of the junk that can hang around up there throughout the school year.
Similarly, the summer break is the perfect time for our students to get some physical activity or fitness done now that they are not ‘ too busy’ with school work.
I encourage our students and parents to make a diligent effort to be active over the break.
It doesn't have to be daily and it doesn't have to be strenuous, but any regular physical activity you do will contribute to maintaining a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that is so crucial for us all in this day and age where smart devices and the web are keeping us all more static than before.
Finally, a big THANK YOU to the students who have competed for GEMS (Singapore) in sports teams this year and an even bigger THANK YOU to the teachers that gave their time and expertise to coach these teams.
Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Danny Tauroa
Head of Sport and Physical Education

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