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Showcasing Student Talent

Arts Team March 12, 2020
Showcasing Student Talent

DP Visual Arts and Design Exhibition 

Our graduating students will be showcasing their talents during the week starting Monday, 16th March with the opening of the DP Visual Arts and Design Exhibition -  'A time to shine'. 

We are excited to share with you all the accumulation of lots of hard work and the occasional sleepless night, lots of creativity, innovation, endless 'ah-ha moments' and a great deal of skill and personal development.  

Whilst the evening opening is a private event and by invite only (due to the current situation) the exhibition will be running all week and is open for everyone to visit when they choose. This year you get the added bonus of artwork combined with the DP Design students final creations as well. Each Artwork has an Exhibition Text (to explain the concept /meaning/influence) and each Exhibition has a Curatorial  Rationale (to explain why they set things up the way they did).

Later in the week, as shared in last week's letter, there will also be the fabulous DP Theatre Art Performances, written, directed and performed by the students from Grade 11 with 'Light's Out' and Grade 12 with 'Hello'. (This is by invitation only due to restricted content and the current climate).


The Art Of Painting

If you thought that making a painting was just about having fun and puddling about with colourful paints, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Although, of course, our students certainly DO have fun when undertaking any painting activity). Making an art piece is not easy, as it takes a certain amount of time, skills and concentration. 

Through our Primary Years Visual Arts programme, your child will be introduced to a broad range of learning experiences where they will learn new skills, develop artistically, make connections and apply their conceptual understandings to invent and create. Connections are made, wherever possible, between the art they make and their knowledge and understanding gained through units of inquiry.

Our Grade 1 students have been exploring the "Concept of Adaptation"  as part of their unit of inquiry "How the World Works". They looked at different types of camouflage pattern as a form of adaptation and, after research and discussion, selected an animal which relies upon camouflage for its survival. Then children drew a plan to test how the idea translates to the canvas (brown paper in this case) and ensure that their drawing is balanced and has a variety of shapes. Then they set to work, mixing many beautiful colours and carefully painting them onto their paper. Prior to all of this, students completed a number of colour mixing activities, learned how the colour wheel works and how to use a palette cleanly, practised using their paintbrush correctly and demonstrated their ability to share materials and clean up their working space responsibly.


It All Starts With An Idea

So what is involved in the process of making a painting? This list does not encompass everything, but it includes research, planning, organisation, time management, cooperation, communication, and the synthesis of knowledge, ideas and skills. This artistic journey will allow your child to communicate meaning in distinct forms, develop technical skills, take creative risks, solve problems and visualise consequences. And, what is more, they love it! What more can we ask?


GEMS Arts Team