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Service Spotlight: GEMS Response to the Australian Bushfire Crisis

Kylie Begg, MYP/IGSCE Coordinator January 24, 2020
Service Spotlight: GEMS Response to the Australian Bushfire Crisis

Congratulations to the people in our community who have taken action to help those affected by the bushfires in Australia. It has been fantastic to see so many people willing to help in so many ways!

Grade 11 students ran a successful bake sale together with some Grade 6 and 7 students. It was a 'win-win' situation as students got to eat delicious snacks and over $1000 has been donated to a bushfire charity!

Jessica Logan, Grade 7 student, put together a fantastic gift basket and sold raffle tickets. Jessie raised over $185 which she donated to the NSW Farmers Bushfire appeal. Congratulations to Alex Fujibayashi of Grade 11 who bought the lucky winning ticket. 

Hassan and Amena Aly from Grades 5 and 3 collected donations of over $800 for WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

Ms Stacy Gilmore, assisted by Ms Millington, has launched a Sewing Club for the Secondary Years students, teachers and parents. They get together to make joey pouches, soft fleece beds and toy koalas. Pouches and beds will be donated to rescue organisations, they will also sell toy koalas to raise funds for these organisations. A HUGE thank you to those who have donated materials to the sewing club!

Join us! Next session will take place on Tuesday at 3:45 pm after the Chinese New Year. 

Kylie Begg,

MYP/IGSCE Coordinator