Updates GEMS Early/Primary Years

Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal February 27, 2019
Updates GEMS Early/Primary Years

On February 15th, The Early/Primary Years division published our new scope and sequence documents for the review of the GEMS community. These curriculum documents will guide the planning process for the Grade Level and Single Subject teams, ensuring academic rigour for each student. These documents have also been uploaded onto the EY/PY Parent Portal which was launched on January 30th.  

Over the past 8-18 months GEMS education leadership team, teachers and teaching partners have worked in teams as focus groups on different curriculum areas to ensure comprehensive coverage and progression will happen.

We believe that our curriculum has been greatly strengthened and contains much more depth of detail to support planning for teaching teams to utilise, which will help to increase consistency across the school. It will also allow educators to provide more detailed reports and record student progress and growth.

Parent Engagement Sessions have been scheduled for Quarter 3 to support the parent’s understanding of these documents and how they will be used in the planning process. Further details of these Parent Engagement Sessions will be provided in the coming weeks.

We have included a ‘Reference Point’ to each scope and sequence document.

Example: *Grade Level bands are aligned to the phases of student development and serve as a reference point only. While many students will be working within the Grade Level bands, there will be exceptions whereby students are progressing in phases below or above this reference point. The grade level bands are not an attainment expectation.

Please do contact your child’s class teacher as the first point of contact if you have any questions relating to these scope and sequence documents or any other teaching and learning matters.

If you have any specific curriculum questions, please do not hesitate to contact our IB PYP Curriculum Coordinators, Mrs Edna Lau at or Mr Paul Rimmer at


Neil White,
Early/Primary Years Principal 


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