Whose Class Will My Child Be In Next Year?

Mike Gilmour, Early & Primary Years Deputy Principal May 10, 2019
Whose Class Will My Child Be In Next Year?

The fourth term of the academic year always tends to be one of the busiest for students, parents and staff alike. The multiple steps required to successfully close an academic year are in full swing and these processes are interspersed with camps, field trips, swimming galas, musicals, awards assemblies and many other exciting opportunities for our students.

Administratively, planning for the upcoming academic year begins well before the fourth quarter. However, many key components are finalised during the months or May and June. In these months, we review and look to refine all areas of our division in an effort to build upon the successes of the current academic year. Our intention is always to be transparent in how we operate and more importantly, to inform all stakeholders why we make the decisions that we do.

With that said, big question parents often have at this time of year is, whose class will my child be in next year? I would like to provide some clarity on this topic.

Every year we follow an extensive process when it comes to assigning students to classes. This process is not an automated, computer-driven allocation. Rather, it is a manual process whereby every child’s best interest is considered by our teachers and leadership teams. We believe in this process and its ability to create well-balanced classrooms.

The following factors are taken into account when allocating students to classes:

  • Friendships
  • Nationalities
  • Gender
  • English proficiency levels
  • Special educational needs requirements
  • Previous academic experience

Our intention is to evenly balance these factors in every class. Once the students have been placed into a class we then assign that class to a Teacher and Teaching Partner. Once again we take into account the broad makeup of the class and student requirements and then assign a teacher accordingly.

As always, we are happy to listen to your thoughts and requests for class placements. However, we cannot guarantee you will receive the placement you request as the allocation process considers many factors.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our leadership team should you want further clarification on this process.


Mike Gilmour
Deputy Principal
Early & Primary Years


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