Meet Secondary Years Pastoral Leaders

Mark Petterson, Secondary Years Deputy Principal (Grade 6-8) May 24, 2019
Meet Secondary Years Pastoral Leaders

Maintaining an environment which is conducive to learning is of utmost importance across all divisions of our wonderful school. Within this environment, it is paramount we ensure that our students feel both safe and secure to allow them to reach their full potential. To better fulfil this commitment we will be introducing four pastoral leaders from the start of the Academic year 2019//20.

Sara Thompson (Grade 6), Ben Tomlinson (Grade 7 & 8), Kim Emery (Grade 9) and Ria Millington (Grade 10) have each been appointed to these very important roles which I will discuss in more depth below.

The primary remit of the pastoral leaders will be to improve student wellbeing through the personal-social-health-education (PSHE) programme which is delivered during our allocated homeroom time.

PSHE plays an important role in equipping students with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safety, productively and responsibly. Social awareness, healthy relationships, recognising harm, cybersafety and sexual health are just some of the key concepts that will be covered within the PSHE programme. However, the depth of coverage which each concept receives will vary for each grade level as developmentally the students are at different junctures of their adolescent journey.

The pastoral leaders will provide additional support and case management for our student body. This level of support will focus primarily on low-level social-emotional challenges whereby the pastoral leader will engage with key stakeholders, student, parent and teacher/s to employ a multidisciplinary approach (where appropriate) focused on meeting the needs of the student. Some examples of low-level social-emotional challenges are as follows:

  • Relational difficulties
  • Student mediation
  • Lack of engagement/attendance
  • Low self-worth/confidence
  • Low resilience
  • Personal health/hygiene

The pastoral leaders will also be working closely with Secondary Years class teachers and the Senior Leadership Team to monitor student learning and academic achievement across each grade level. This additional oversight will serve to strengthen our endeavour of meeting the needs of our learners.

2019/2020 promises to be another exciting year!


Mark Petterson
Secondary Years
Deputy Principal
(Grades 6-8)


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