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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Edna Lau, PYP Coordinator June 18, 2020
Looking Back, Looking Forward

If parents were security cameras monitoring what happens at school...


They would have seen students hungry

for knowledge and learning because of their curiosity.

They would have seen students nervous

because they were risk-takers trying something new.

They would have seen students struggle

as they embraced challenges to grow.

They would have seen students anxious

to see the results of their inquiries and explorations.

They would have seen students crying

tears of emotion as they think back to the wonderful year they had.


Now substitute 'students' with 'teachers' and 'parents'. That was GEMS 2019-2020 throughout the year, and even more during the home learning period.  

Looking back, looking forward

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the highs, the lows and the valleys in between.  We start every year with goals and aspirations.  We set forth on the journey to reach them through big ambitious steps, as well as little changes that go a long way.  The past ten months have seen our GEMS community growing stronger on all fronts - from academics to life skills, to learning and teaching on the curriculum side, to us coming together to be the best we can be.  

It is often said that we are educating children for an unknown future, for careers that as yet don’t exist, to solve problems that we haven’t faced yet. It seems like this year’s students are a little closer to this goal. They have faced new challenges, learned new skills and grown in resilience and patience, supported by their families and teachers. Teachers and parents too have found themselves developing new skills at breakneck speed. 

We are all better placed for the challenges of the future. Thank you for the partnership and we look forward to new adventures ahead!


Edna Lau
PYP Coordinator