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High Quality Standards & How to Raise Them Higher

Richard Henry, Head of School February 28, 2020
High Quality Standards & How to Raise Them Higher

It is a privilege to work with the excellent staff we have at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). They are dedicated professionals who are all working to ensure our students get the best quality education. But how do we ensure that our standards not only remain high but we continually improve? 

Audits, accreditations and reviews by external authorities provide us with the opportunity to reflect, review and improve our practices based on the highest Singaporean and international standards. We recently achieved accreditation from WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges - USA) and are undergoing accreditation with the Council of International Schools (CIS). These rigorous processes provide the platform for our success on the international stage in terms of high-quality teaching, learning and student outcomes. 

We recently hosted an internal audit team from GEMS Education. School leaders from across the GEMS network (Dubai, Qatar and Malaysia) conducted a thorough audit of our teaching practices and I would like to share with you a brief overview written by the team leader, Mr David Fitzgerald. 


In January this year, I had the privilege of leading the GEMS Internal Review Team on our annual visit to GEMS World Academy (Singapore). GEMS Internal Reviews are structured to be supportive of a school’s developmental journey and to meet the GEMS Board requirements. The visiting team consisted of senior leaders from across the Global GEMS network. The review focused on the current school priorities including differentiation, student agency, collaboration, communication and the use and quality of assessment data.
The review team all agreed that GEMS (Singapore) students were highly engaged in authentic learning activities and consistently demonstrated good collaboration and communication skills. Student attitudes to learning ensured that they made the most of the opportunities provided to them. Data was found to be used effectively at a system level with parents reporting positively about their access to and knowledge of their child’s data.


I left GEMS (Singapore) knowing that the school was full of engaged and happy students, teachers who care for and support their students, school leaders who are committed to the notion of continuous school improvement and parents that were rightly proud of their school community. I look forward to returning in 2021 to see GEMS (Singapore) flourishing even more as a truly excellent international school.
David Fitzgerald, 
Vice President


We have great ambitions as a school community and through a cycle of continuous improvement, we will not only improve but excel. 


Richard Henry
Head of School