GEMS Sports Programme Updates: Sport Teams & ECAs

By Danny Tauroa, Head of Sport and Physical Education September 11, 2018
GEMS Sports Programme Updates: Sport Teams & ECAs
It has been a busy and eventful start to the year in all things Sport and ECAs here at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)!
With the implementation of new systems this year with regards to the communication and organisation of Sport and ECAs, your patience and support have been appreciated.
We continue to strive to make these processes as straightforward as possible for all concerned and are aware that there is still some work to be done with this. 


It was a great sight to see the hive of activity over the past four weeks with the GEMS Sports teams holding tryouts and training for Season 1 of the ACSIS league.

The first competition games have been played for most teams and we have seen some impressive results with strong performances from the 19U Boys Football with two wins from two games, and the 12U Touch Girls securing a well structured comprehensive win in their first match.

It is pleasing to see the attitude and effort from all of our athletes with special mention to the 11U Girls Basketball team who never stopped competing in their two matches played here on Tuesday night, and the 14U Rugby 7s development team that performed well above expectation to win their first match. 

Our Swimmers have been working hard and spending many hours in the pool to improve their technique and endurance and will be well prepared for the first competitive meet.
The Cross Country team are enjoying the more suitable training environment that Yishun Park offers and will also be in good shape for the upcoming competition meets.
Players must remember the important role they have when representing GEMS (Singapore) as positive ambassadors who display sportsmanship both on and off the playing arena, and who work hard to be successful.
They also have a responsibility to the team and must understand the importance of staying committed to all training and matches throughout the season. Players should be communicating with their coaches in person should they need to miss any training or matches.
As with last year, students selected for school teams will be issued with a team uniform for the entire season. These uniforms represent the GEMS colours and also have various forms of our Jaguar mascot embedded in them.
We hope that our athletes will wear these uniforms with pride and set high standards for performance when wearing them.


We appreciate your cooperation, contacting the relevant ECA supervisors/school divisional office to advise of absences from ECAs. This helps with keeping attendance records accurate.
  • The School Canteen has been appointed as an ECA meeting point. All tables are signposted for each activity and students should come straight from their lesson at the end of the day and assemble at the relevant table before being taken to their ECA venue.
  • Please ensure that transportation and pick up arrangements have been made for your child(ren) to exit the school campus and return home immediately after their ECA ends. 
  • Please click here to find out more about ECA bus service. Students cannot be left unattended in the main reception, or any part of the school, to be collected after 5.00pm.

Your support and consideration are much appreciated!

Danny Tauroa, Head of Sport and Physical Education
GEMS Institute of Sport

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