GEMS Performing Arts Update

Mandi Manson, Drama Teacher October 1, 2018
GEMS Performing Arts Update

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is fortunate enough to be a member of the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) which is the exclusive IB training provider for the Theatre Arts course and leading provider of workshops, festivals, artists in residence and all things Drama at international schools around the world.

Recently, GEMS (Singapore) hosted one of ISTA’s Twilight workshops and our Grade 11 Diploma Programme Theatre Arts students attended this week-day, 3-hour intensive workshop focussed on the theatrical tradition and conventions of Victorian Melodrama with Mike Pasternak.

Working alongside visiting students and teachers from other international schools in Singapore, our Grade 11’s not only gained knowledge, experience and opportunities for collaboration but also represented our school with commendable participation in every aspect of the 

What our students had to say?

The event was a good learning curve for us Theatre students as we have never done a workshop like this before. It was really interesting and I enjoyed this event very much as I have never learned about Victorian Melodrama before so it was really engaging and full of entertainment.

John Capetta

I did enjoy the event and learnt a lot from it. I got to interact with Mike Pasternak, who is very acclaimed as a teacher and examiner of Theatre. Through his teaching, I also learnt more about the IB Theatre course from the viewpoint of an examiner. At some instances, he talked about what examiners expect from students when (for example), they are making their research presentation / director’s notebook. Overall, the event was definitely a worthwhile one and taught me heaps about Theatre.

Poorva Joshi


Don't Miss!

Coming up soon, in October, GEMS (Singapore) is going a step further in answering our students' pleas for more Drama opportunities, and we are hosting a weekend Drama workshop with visiting artists from ISTA.

When: 27 & 28 October 2018 
Where: GEMS (Singapore) 

How To Sign Up?

1. CLICK HERE to visit the website for this event.
2. SIGN-UP via the link above before 3rd October to reserve a place.

NOTE: Limited spaces available

Kerala Fundraising Concert organised by Avaana Harvey, G10

Congratulations to our wonderful students who volunteered their time and talent to perform in the Kerala Fundraising Concert a few weeks back. They did us so very proud and the event was a great success raising SG$1180 for the flood victims in Kerala, India. This event brought together students from all grade levels from G6 to G12, the entire Secondary Years Division was represented. Thank you to those parents and friends who were able to attend and to all of you for supporting your child in the extra hours spent preparing for and performing in the event. It is only with your support that our students can accomplish such great achievements.


Thank you to all the staff and talented students who supported Avaana with her Kerala Benefit Concert. It was a great turn out for the lunch time show and an equal success for the evening performance. A special thanks to the ever fabulous Ms Manson for all of her support with the performances and running of the show. A fantastic initiative for Service as Action and testament to the difference ONE person can make when they put their mind to it. This will undoubtedly make a difference to many Keralans affected by the floods.

Mrs. Rachel Cox


Mandi Manson,
Drama Teacher 






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