GEMS Early/Primary Years Principal Updates (Latest)

By Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal October 3, 2018
GEMS Early/Primary Years Principal Updates (Latest)

Each Early Years and Primary Years student has had one common learning experience this quarter.

Through this experience, they have gained new understandings, different perspectives and have come away with new inquiries or the desire to take meaningful action. The students have learned about the rights of every child, importance of exercise and how it impacts on learning, and what a “growth mindset” means. They have watched related videos, learned songs, watched plays and danced. Every student, altogether, in one common learning space...

The experience I’m referring to is our weekly EY/PY assembly. During my time at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), our assemblies have evolved into a fantastic community event that is truly driven by the students as a result of their learning. They plan scripts, choose parts, select soundtracks and make-up dance moves. They reflect on props and costumes they might want to include. They think carefully about the message they are trying to communicate to the audience and what is the best way to deliver it.

Many important elements of the Primary Years Programme are explored during the preparation process to an assembly and the performance itself. We develop approaches to learning with authentic opportunities for our students to cooperate, take on responsibilities, plan, think, solve problems and communicate.

Students have a great opportunity to engage with the Learner Profile as risk takers performing on the stage in front of a large audience and show how knowledgeable and caring they are.

It’s important to remember as parents that the twenty minutes you see on stage is the culmination of so many wonderful ideas, huge commitment and enthusiasm.

These assemblies are driven by students and facilitated by teachers who want to give their students the best possible opportunity to showcase what they know, what they understand and what they can do.

I’m sure that when the time comes for you to watch your own child’s assembly, you will be as proud of their accomplishments as we are.

Wishing all families an enjoyable holiday break and safe travels!


Neil White | Early/Primary Years Principal



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