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Marina Angilopova October 4, 2019

Over 100 young leaders from local and international schools in Singapore took part in the IIMPACT 2019 Case Study Contest "Solid Waste Management in Condominiums/HDBs in Singapore" and presented their extraordinary and practical solutions to tackle solid waste management in Singapore.

Akshaj Atreya, Advait Atreya and Sai Kishan Subramanian presented a case study focused on the Waste Management System in a condominium called "The Oyster" and discussed solutions to the following problems:

  • High level of waste generation 
  • Low recycling rate
  • Indiscriminate disposal of hazardous waste

The team has done significant research to find solutions to these problems. The research has also shown that it is crucial to increase awareness about environmental conservation and various waste management systems in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle. 

Akshaj, Advait and Sai had an opportunity to visit Sembcorp Incineration Plant to find out the ways that different technologies are used to manage different types of waste. 



The efforts of Akshaj, Advait and Sai did not go unnoticed as they were named one of the top 10 teams in the competition. This is an excellent achievement are we are very proud of your achievement.


Mark Petterson 
Secondary Years 
Deputy Principal