Expectations, Relations and Communications

Richard Henry, Head of School February 1, 2019
Expectations, Relations and Communications

The strength of our school community at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is built upon three key areas...Expectations, Relations and Communications.

It is the responsibility of our school leadership and teaching faculty to provide clarity around our approaches to teaching and learning as well as the learning outcomes at our school so that we all have expectations. We must also ensure we have robust and positive relationships between stakeholders (teachers, students and parents). To achieve this we must have effective systems and processes for communications.

Analysis of the feedback from parents in the November 2018 survey, which was sent out by our head office, shows the vast majority of parents are positive about our school. 85% of respondents believe the school communicates moderately to extremely well, despite this, we want to keep improving in this area.

During 2018, a major project of building and implementing our new Student Information and Management System - iSAMS, was put into action. The iSAMS system holds a range of data and information about your child which is then utilised by teachers to make learning more personalised.

The new Parent Portal which was launched for Senior Years last semester is now also being rolled out for Early/Primary Years parents. In addition to creating this portal, we have written an overview of communications across the school. The explanation of the types of communication tools being used and their purpose is included below.


GEMS (Singapore) Communications Overview 

(Parent guide)

Clear and effective communication is one of the key tenets of any successful network. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is fortunate to have a very diverse community which is rich in experience and culture. Yet this also can mean that communication styles and preferences vary. This document is designed to assist parents to understand the forms of communication we use at GEMS (Singapore) and how different platforms will be used across our community.


Email correspondence is sent to parents when important notifications are to be distributed. Messages for the whole school, Early/Primary Years or Senior Years will be sent out by the Head of School or divisional Principals.


Each week a newsletter will be distributed via the email. There are two newsletters sent out in alternating weeks. One is from the GEMS (Singapore) staff and the other the GEMS (Singapore) Parent Teacher Community (PTC).

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is the hub through which parents can access a variety of information about their child and the school in general. This is the “one stop shop” for the majority of school-related matters including attendance, timetables, family contact information, newsletter archive, School Notices, Senior Years Daily Bulletin, school handbooks and much more.

The Parent Portal is also a gateway to log into the following systems that we use at GEMS (Singapore) for communication:


For Early Years and Primary Years: SeeSaw is an interactive digital portfolio used for parents to view their child's school work and other class information.


Parents of students in Senior Years use ManageBac to have oversight of homework and assessment deadlines. Internal assessment grades will be posted on ManageBac within two weeks of the completion date.

Online Meal Orders

The School Meal Ordering System is used to pre-order meals online. Students in Pre-K - Grade 3 must use the online pre-order system to purchase meals for their students and meals will be waiting for students in their designated pick up area in the canteen. Grade 4 and above pre-orders can be collected from the pre-order counter using their EZ-Link card.


This system is for sign up, allocation and registration of attendance for Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and Enrichment Programmes.

Jaguar Roar

The Jaguar Roar is a student-led newsletter which provides families with an insight into life across the Middle and High School. The newsletter is sent out fortnightly and shares updates relating to Secondary school, sports reports, student spotlights and photos of student learning in and beyond the classroom.




Parents enrol students in school using OpenApply. This system is also used for any automated re-enrolment or payment communication to parents.

Phoenix (Oasis)

This platform is used for financial purposes such as the payment of tuition fees.


At the heart of any good relationship is the ability to communicate well. By providing you, our parents, with the best communication channels possible we will continue to strengthen the GEMS Jaguars spirit.


Richard Henry,
Head of School


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