GEMS Early/Primary Years Principal Updates

By Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal September 14, 2018
GEMS Early/Primary Years Principal Updates


Parent-Teacher Conference is an important opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss your child’s progress in school, and are a key part of enhancing successful two-way communication.

The purpose of the conference is to keep parents informed about their child's progress including their academic, social and emotional development; and to set new goals and to discuss any necessary support strategies that may be needed. The aim is to begin and maintain a dialogue between home and school that will ultimately benefit every student.


WHEN:     Thursday 4th October & Friday 5th October 2018
TIME:       Between 9:00 am- 4:00 pm


  • The school booking system for these Parent-Teacher Conferences is provided via an online portal, which allows you to better manage the conference schedule to suit your personal availability.
  • Details regarding this online booking system will be shared with all parents on Monday 17th September and will clarify the steps required to successfully confirm family appointments.
  • The online booking system will open on Monday 17th September at 10:00 am, closing on Monday 1st October at 10:00 am.
  • Please be advised to use either Safari or Chrome browser platforms and not Firefox when making bookings in the system.
  • Please contact your child’s class teacher directly if there are no available times to meet and alternative meetings can be scheduled with the class teacher.
  • Please note that the 4th and 5th of October are not regular school days for students, however, students are encouraged to attend the conferences with their parents.



I am pleased to announce that Ms Anna-Murie Doyle has been selected as the Interim Primary Years Grade Level Leader (1-3) for the duration of Mrs Amy Fenton's maternity cover. 
Anna-Murie has extensive PYP knowledge and experience and will fulfill an important role in driving our curriculum implementation in the Lower Primary Years, together with the Pedagogical Leadership Team.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Amy for all of her hard work, dedication and commitment as Grade Level Leader to date and we look forward to seeing her back in April. The transition for this interim role between Amy and Anna-Murie has been taking place these past few weeks.
Please join me in congratulating Anna-Murie and wishing her all the very best in her new interim role!


Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal


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