Celebrating Student Success

Jan Stipek, Secondary Years Principal April 3, 2019
Celebrating Student Success

Another year has passed and we are sending off our Grade 12 students on Wednesday this week. They will start their study period before their final Diploma Programme (DP) examinations start on May 2nd. At a time like this, I feel appropriate to reflect on some of our recent student successes and celebrate their achievements outside of the curriculum. The list is not exhaustive and I will acknowledge other events and students in future posts.

DP Visual Arts Exhibition

If you didn't have a chance to attend the opening night on Monday, I urge you to see our student art on display in the Main lobby for the rest of this week.

You will be amazed by the variety of artworks created by our talented artists and how personal each artwork is. The artists expressed their inner feelings and thoughts in an original way. They have been inspired by different feelings and experiences – some were happy and some were sad. These art pieces have the power to educate, to challenge, to transform, inspire and motivate others.

Many of those students are planning to pursue an art degree at the university. We are wishing them good luck in their future endeavours. Today, I am proud to say that I already see complete artists in their hearts.

History Bee and Bowl Singapore Competition

A number of our students took part in the History Bee and Bowl Singapore Competition in February.

One team qualified for an intense quarterfinal against NPS. They lost on a tiebreaker by a split second and came in a strong 3rd place. The second team came in a strong 5th place, trailing the 4th-place team by only 10 points (equivalent to one question).

In addition to strong performances in the bowl, two students qualified for the Bee Finals and one student placed 5th overall out of approximately 40 students. 

We are pleased to announce that GEMS (Singapore) will be hosting the next round of History Bee and Bowl on Saturday, April 27.

Come and support our students!

Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Competition

Our students also represented GEMS (Singapore) in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Competition. This event is considered as the largest debate competition in Singapore which includes top-performing debaters from local and international schools.

Our team participated in three rounds against much more seasoned teams. They participated in heated debates on banning gambling, the death penalty and whether Hollywood has a negative impact on society. With each progressive debate, our students became stronger and stronger debaters. While we did not qualify for the finals, we made a formidable debut. Well done guys!

Singapore Round of the World Scholar’s Cup

Quite recently, 30 students from Grade 6-11 competed in the Singapore Round of the World Scholar’s Cup.

They spent two very long and arduous days writing, debating and demonstrating their knowledge over six subjects, including unsolved mysteries, neglected histories, enabling technologies and much more. They came back to school this week with 100+ medals, two trophies (3rd place in the debate and 3rd in quiz bowl) and some newly adopted alpacas. Overall, we managed to shake up the competition and our students have qualified to move onto the global round to compete against scholars from six continents and over 80 countries!

Mathematics & Science

Here at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), we also look to offer opportunities for our students to excel in Mathematics and Sciences beyond the classroom. This year we are once again offering a selection of competitions for students to enter.

Six of our Grade 11 students have already taken part in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC). This challenging competition is designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. A good AMC score is recognised on college applications by a number of top US universities and colleges, and our students found they developed a different set of problem-solving skills to address the questions posed to them.

SASMO is a math Olympiad contest that stretches not only the brightest students but is aimed at instilling confidence for all students. The SASMO contest fits nicely into the school curriculum with a high focus on non-routine problem solving, and it is this nature of the questions that allow students to see a different side of mathematics to that which they may experience in the classroom. Our students won a number of medals last year, with some students being invited to the next stage of the competition in Thailand. We are hoping for more of the same this year and have nearly 60 students from across Grades 6 to 10 taking part in SASMO this year.

In short, here at GEMS (Singapore), we strive to create various academic opportunities for our students in class and beyond. We are very proud of our students' achievements. They are making a great name for themselves and our school here in Singapore and internationally. 

More importantly, each event or competition is an opportunity for students to apply and extend their subject knowledge, learn new skills, collaborate with others and challenge themselves to new experiences. Please join me in congratulating our students for their achievements.

Have a great break, everyone!



Jan Stipek
Secondary Years Principal

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