Academics, Arts & Sports

Richard Henry, Head of School April 2, 2019
Academics, Arts & Sports

As we close out the action-packed third quarter of our academic year, I thought it appropriate to reflect on the three pillars which we speak about at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) - Academics, Arts & Sports.


Two new learning spaces opened this quarter and have had an immediate impact on our school community. The Nursery and The Design Centre have added a valuable element to our school and the success of their introduction is a reflection of the dedication our teaching faculty shows every day.

This quarter has also seen the introduction of a number of diagnostic tools which will provide valuable data so that our teachers can deliver even more personalised learning for each student:

ISA - International Schools Assessment (reading, mathematical and scientific (SY) literacy framework)
CAT 4 - Cognitive Aptitude Test (designed to help understand how students learn and their potential)
WIDA (PY) & APTIS (SY) - research-based assessments to measure English proficiency
PASS (SY) - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (used to identify hidden barriers to pupil learning)

Our students have also been engaged in a wide variety of academic competitions, debating events, reading activities and research projects, such as the Grade 10 Personal Project. All of which continuously encourage a love of learning in our students.


Visual Arts

Last night was the pinnacle for our graduating Visual Arts students as their exhibition was launched. We are very proud of their accomplishments and the pieces of Art on display are shining examples of their tremendous talent and hard work.

Performing Arts & Music

We have had the pleasure to enjoy many Open Mike and Talent Shows this quarter while a major highlight for me was the SY performance of The Addams amily. An incredibly high standard was reached by all students whether it was for their work in the stage crew, lighting, set design, musical or dramatic performances. It was a wonderful experience.

Arts Week was another highlight of the calendar and was filled with a huge array of art related activities for our students, parents and staff. The week was a tremendous community builder.


Aside from the teacher team dominating the students in the netball challenge match (I had to slip that in), our competitive teams have enjoyed much success in the Singapore international schools competitions.

For the first time, we also had a team represent GEMS at a SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activities Conference) event. Well done to the Rugby boys.

Notable athletes such as Portia Woodman (rated the best female Rugby player in the world) met with our students during this quarter, providing advice on not only sport but the importance of values as well as the courage to take on challenges in life.

A highlight for me though was the first ever GEMS World Academy Games held in Dubai. 33 of our students were outstanding in their representation of our school both on and off the field. We are all eagerly waiting for the next games which will be hosted by us in 2020.

I have only been able to touch on some of the many significant events which have taken place this quarter as it really was full of amazing opportunities for our students. Yet while all this has taken place, the level of student engagement in classrooms continues to thrive. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday period before we launch into the final quarter of the year.



Richard Henry
Head of School



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