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A New Vision and Mission

Richard Henry, Head of School December 13, 2019
A New Vision and Mission

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is currently in the process of undertaking an important series of reviews being conducted by external partners from across the globe. The review and accreditation process is rigorous and demanding of our time but it is vitally important so that we continually improve by way of self-reflection and guidance from recognised educational authorities. There are many aspects of the review and accreditation process in which staff members, students and parents are involved. A simple survey that you complete for us may not seem important but the feedback we receive from you is significant. The overall aim is that our school continually improves in all facets so that we deliver better quality learning outcomes for our students.

Please note that the following educational authorities will be visiting our school during the Academic Year 2019/20 and 2020/21: 

  • January 2020 - GEMS Education team from Dubai
  • May 2020 - Singapore CPE (Committee for Private Education) and EduTrust review
  • November 2020 - international accreditation with CIS (Council of International Schools) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)

I am pleased to say that we have already received our formal WASC Accreditation. This has significant implications for students who are applying to universities in North America as it is widely recognised there. 

One specific area of the accreditation process has been the review of our vision and mission. As a result of the survey feedback from staff, parents and students the Educational Leadership Team have refined the vision and mission statements for our school. The following statements are still in draft form and we would like to hear your feedback!

The new statements are:



To empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others.



Richard Henry
Head of School