University Planning

Welcome to the University Planning and Admissions Process

We look forward to supporting you on the journey of finding the universities and courses which fit in with your academic, personal and career aspirations.

Our dedicated Deputy Principal of Secondary Years (G9-12), Sean McAuley, offers support and advice through the process of researching, shortlisting, applying to and ultimately selecting the university you will attend.

Starting this process early ensures that by the time decisions have to be made, you will already have gathered a wealth of information and will be in a position to make fully informed positive choices. 

Jan – Feb

  • Individual meetings for all students with Academic Advisor / Deputy Principal


  • Initial meeting with all students considering Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary medicine or Dentistry (UK)
  • Parents’ University Information Evening, including the University Application Agreement


  • Advisory lessons used for university application introduction and exploring Naviance Family Connection (NFC)
  • Early Decision/Early Action meeting


  • Advisory sessions used for planning and recording on (NFC)


  • Advisory sessions used for workshops on Personal Statements and College Essays

Summer Holiday

  • Students should work on their Personal Statements and College Essays and pursue internships, etc.


  • Complete Recommendation Letter survey on Naviance and request Recommendation Letters
  • Meeting for all students applying to Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary medicine or Dentistry (UK)
  • Meeting for US ED and EA applicants
  • Set up of UCAS accounts for UK applications


  • Oxbridge, Medical, Dental and Veterinary applicants (UK), internal deadline for completion of all application documents.
  • Set up Common App accounts and link to Naviance (US applications)
  • Complete Academic Advisor Information Survey on NFC (US applications)
  • EA/ED and any other applications due before December 15th must be communicated to Academic Advisor


  • Oxbridge, Medical, Dental and Veterinary (UK) Applications submitted
  • Predicted Grades issued
  • Individual meetings with Academic Advisor to finalise University application lists
  • First drafts of Personal Statements and College Essays submitted to Academic Advisor


  • Personal Statements and College Essays completed
  • UCAS, Common App and individual online application systems completed by students
  • Students check dates for all applications to Asian and Canadian universities
  • All completed applications submitted to universities


  • Remaining applications completed and submitted to Universities


  • Any late applications submitted
  • Applications to Australian Universities for July intake
  • Request documentation in support of an application to Singapore universities


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