The GEMS (Singapore) Performance Programme is a unique high-performance programme designed to support young athletes who wish to achieve excellence across various sports. The programme offers coaching support, training opportunities and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. 

High-Performance Programmes

The GEMS Performance Athlete Programme teach student-athletes valuable life-lessons while enhancing their achievement of sporting goals. Student-athletes are expected to honourably represent their school and themselves while competing in athletic competitions.

This programme utilises professional coaching, expert instruction and proven training methodologies to incorporate fundamentals including nutrition, psychology, injury prevention, strength and conditioning.

Training sessions

  • The group meets two mornings each week on Monday and Thursday from 7.30am until 8.30am
  • Attendance at all sessions is compulsory for all athletes in the programme
  • The training sessions are a mixture of strength, conditioning, mobility, speed development, and sports education.
  • Students must be available for extra sessions as determined necessary during the school week. 

Selection criteria

There is a maximum of 18 spots available in the GEMS Performance Athlete Program.

Students invited to participate in the program will have met the following criteria:

  • must be involved in a GEMS (Singapore) competitive school team for each of the three sports seasons
  • preferably are involved in teams and clubs outside of GEMS (Singapore)
  • are proven high performers in their chosen sports at various levels
  • have short and long-term goals for their sporting development and success
  • consistently demonstrate the GEMS (Singapore) core values as a student around school

Application process

  1. Student expresses their interest in joining the program to Mr Tauroa (Head of Sport and Physical Education)
  2. Complete the required application form
  3. Submit a referral form completed by the coach (preferably outside of GEMS)
  4. Meet with Mr Tauroa to discuss their application

Last academic year the athletes in the GEMS Performance Athlete Program had fantastic opportunities to meet up with two double Olympians (Singapore swimmer Mark Chay and Australian cyclist Annette Edmondson). 


For any other information contact Mr Tauroa via e-mail:


The GEMS Rugby 7s Academy presented by Sir Gordon Tietjens is a unique high-performance rugby environment available nowhere else in Singapore.


Provide a viable pathway for young rugby players living in Singapore to play Rugby 7’s at the top level.



It provides talented rugby players from 12-17 years old with training and learning opportunities that will push them to higher levels of conditioning, skill execution and game understanding in Rugby 7s.

Using the highly successful coaching philosophies and experience of Sir Gordon Tietjens, players will develop the habits and mindset that can take them to the top.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) aims to be a powerful catalyst for change, shaping the future of learning for the better.

By partnering with passionate, visionary, experienced practitioners like Sir Gordon Tietjens, the GEMS Rugby 7’s Academy is where the future of International Rugby 7’s starts with us today.

For more information contact Danny Tauroa, Head Coach at GEMS World Academy (Singapore),


Players in the GEMS Rugby 7s Academy presented by Sir Gordon Tietjens will be coached in the following content:

Player Performance

Rugby 7s Performance

Team Performance

Development of Talent

  • nutrition
  • hydration
  • 7s specific conditioning
  • self-massage
  • injury prevention
  • mental toughness
  • physical fitness testing
  • recovery
  • catch and pass accuracy
  • vision & decision making
  • ruck & maul technicalities
  • specific individual skills
  • tackle technique
  • scrum skills
  • lineout skills
  • kicking for 7s
  • 7s attack principles
  • 7s defence principles
  • continuity and basic patterns of play in 7s
  • sequencing from a set piece
  • creating, exploiting space
  • counter attack & turnover ball
  • attack from set phase and second phase
  • defence from set phase and the second phase
  • scrum (getting an edge)
  • kickoffs and reception techniques/strategies
  • lineout - tactics, technicalities
  • analysing individual performance
  • developing a player profile
  • how to improve their own game
  • their role as a player for a team
  • finding their best position
  • player self-evaluations

Sir Gordon Tietjens Clinics

Sir Gordon Tietjens is committed to providing rugby learning opportunities for players involved in the GEMS Rugby 7s Academy. He will be visiting Singapore to conduct training clinics throughout the year as his availability allows.

Academy coaches


Sir Gordon Tietjens

Sir Gordon Tietjens - Head Coach, Samoa rugby sevens team, and celebrated former coach of the New Zealand All Blacks Sevens

  • The most respected and successful Rugby 7s coach in history!
  • All Blacks 7s coach for 22 years winning 12 World 7s Series, 2 Rugby World Cup 7s Championships and 4 Commonwealth Games Gold Medals
  • Over 30 players from All Blacks 7s teams coached by Sir Gordon have become All Blacks
  • In 2012 Sir Gordon was inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame, the first Rugby 7s coach to receive this honour
  • In 2013 he was knighted for his services to rugby
  • Currently coaching the Samoan 7s Team competing in the HSBC World Series 7s tournament.

DannyDanny Tauroa – Head Coach, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

  • IRB/World Rugby Level 2 and 3 accredited coach
  • Singapore National Men’s 15s Head Coach (2007 - 2010)
  • The only Singapore Coach to win Asian Rugby Division 1 and play in the elite Asian 5 Nations (2009)
  • Head Coach of the National Women’s 7s team (2010 - 2014), competing on the Asian Rugby 7s Series
  • 3 Singapore National Rugby Championships (2006-2008), as Head Coach of Bedok Kings
  • Bay of Plenty (NZ) provincial representative rugby player
  • Fox Sports Asia commentator - Rugby World Cup (2011 & 2015)
  • Assistant Manager for Samoa 7s team - HK and Singapore HSBC World 7s Series (2017)


Supported by 


Photo of Mark Chay standing infront of GEMS Singapore Swimming PoolProvide a viable pathway for young swimmers living in Singapore to train and develop a winning mindset through swimming.

The GEMS Swim Academy presented by X Lab is a unique high-performance swimming programme available to all in Singapore.

Under the watchful eye of CEO Mark Chay, current President of the Singapore Swim Coaches Association, Mark served as Chief de Mission for the Singapore Team at the Youth Olympics, as well as competed for Singapore in five SEA Games, two Asian Games, two Commonwealth Games and two Olympics.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) aims to be a powerful catalyst for change, shaping the future of learning for the better.

By partnering with passionate, visionary, experienced practitioners like Mark Chay and his team, the GEMS Swim Academy is where the future of International competitive swimming starts with us today.

The comprehensive swim programme covers learn-to-swim, competitive training groups, and a high-performance team.

Our Philosophy

Holistic development 

We've developed a comprehensive swimming curriculum that will help your child succeed in the pool and in school! Our programme goes beyond swimming techniques; we teach your kids to set goals, stay mentally tough, and work as a team - skills that will equip them to beat challenges in and out of the pool.

Drill And Thrills

Who says swimming can't be fun? We do not just do laps - every class will incorporate strength and conditioning drills and games that are designed to make your child stronger, faster, better.

Because winning is fun. 

We Put The We In Swim

No champion ever made it alone. At XLab we train as a team and we win as a team.

Safety First

Swimming is our passion, but safety is our mission. All our coaches are trained and certified in water safety and student management.

Swim programmes

Starting block

Age group: 3-8 years old

The programme consists of 10 lessons:

  • 8 lessons - Learn to Swim Classes
  • 2 lessons - Myelin Builder Classes

Learn to compete

Age group: 8 years old and above

  • Kids train between 3-6 times a week based on their level of proficiency
  • Programmes will be executed by coaches who are and have trained a number of Olympians 


Weekdays: 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Weekends: 9:00am to 6:00pm

World-class facilities 

50M Olympic-sized swimming pool of GEMS World Academy (Singapore)


  • Sheltered 50m pool with a bulkhead to transform into 2 x 25m
  • Indoor 0.9m Learner's Pool for the young ones
  • Access to the indoor gymnasium for physical activities & weights room
  • Full training equipment








Provide a viable pathway for young triathletes between the ages of 8 and 18 living in Singapore and Asia to perform at the highest level possible.

The GEMS Triathlon Academy presented by Emma Carney is a not for profit, high-performance triathlon environment in Singapore for students aged 8 to 18. It provides talented young triathletes with training and learning opportunities that will push them to higher levels of conditioning, skills and race management.

Using the highly successful coaching philosophies and experience of Double World Triathlon Champion Emma Carney, athletes will develop the habits and mindset that can take them to the top.

We are dedicated to providing an international high-performance training environment that provides expert coaching unlike anything in Singapore. The GEMS Triathlon Academy presented by Emma Carney will push each athlete to exceed their current level of performance, and set them up for future success in Triathlon. 

Click here to register your interest in the GEMS Triathlon Academy. Or email Danny Tauroa <> for more information.  

Meet Emma Carney, Academy Coach

Sports Australia Hall of Fame (2016), World Triathlon Hall of Fame (2014) and Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame (2012) inductee, Emma Carney raced her first triathlon in 1993, competed in her first International Triathlon at the World Championships in 1994 and won that race by the largest margin in the history of the sport.

During 1995, 1996 and 1997 Emma won all but three races and took Triathlons to a new level of speed, power and athleticism.

She became a two time World Champion, three-time World Number one & nine-time Australian Triathlon Champion.

Since her racing career, Emma has spent her time designing and developing an online training solution and is also a Triathlon Australia high-performance coach, working with Triathletes in Melbourne, Australia.

Coaching Clinics by Emma Carney 

The GEMS Triathlon Academy presented by Emma Carney will be presented over a 12 month period. Emma Carney will be in Singapore for at least 4 clinics to train athletes who join the academy.

Proposed dates for the coaching clinics with Emma are:

Clinic 1

Clinic 2

Clinic 3

Clinic 4

20 - 24 April  TBC TBC  TBC



 * these are subject to change 

Programme of Instruction 

Athletes in the GEMS Triathlon Academy presented by Emma Carney will have the following learning opportunities:

  • To ensure each athlete has age appropriate technical improvement in each triathlon discipline.
  • The training load and programming is appropriate to each athletes age and entry skill level.
  • As the athlete progresses through the program he/she will refine all sports skill while also developing their physical, tactical, technical and mental skills.
  • Promotion of general and specific athlete injury prevention methods aiming to maximise the longevity of the athlete career and minimise the incidence of injuries.





  • To ensure each athlete is able to approach their training, study and general life goals through clear thought processes so that multiple commitments are managed appropriately with minimal stress.





  • Provide a foundation during the clinics and continued support of each athlete throughout the year.






Areas of Focus

  • Swim – technical and loading, open water race skills.
  • Bike - age-appropriate equipment choice and set up, bike programming, technical skills, race skills. 
  • Run – technical drills, specific loads, traditional training methods of the economy running, interval, fartlek, threshold and speed/track running. Overall focus on run specific racing.
  • Equipment usage as per international and national regulations.
  • Nutrition. 
  • Stretching
  • Self-massage
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Plyometrics
  • Recovery methods – hot/cold
  • Nutrition







  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Thought processing
  • Race preparation and mental approach








  • Athlete self-evaluation
  • Ongoing training programming
  • Analysing individual performances/training sessions
  • Developing individual athlete profiles






Athlete Performance Skills

Athlete Injury Prevention Skills

Athlete Wellbeing

The Complete Triathlete


  • Athlete educated on the specific skills of each triathlon discipline.




  • Athlete educated on the importance of recovery and injury prevention techniques.



  • Focus on the Athlete balance in life.
  • Nurturing the young triathlete through education on training loads, balancing study and providing thought processes for the athlete leading into and during the stress of competition.
  • Ensuring the athlete can continue to develop their skills between clinics.









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