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Sport is a key element of our balanced curriculum

Sport is an integral part of the GEMS (Singapore) curriculum. Our supportive and motivating learning environment ensures that we provide the ultimate foundation for future success. With a focus on health, wellbeing and athletic excellence, we offer a range of sporting opportunities to develop sporting interests that will last a lifetime. Participation in sports can help students build self-esteem and confidence, motivate children to excel academically and help to develop social skills.



Every student has the potential for greatness


Our students have a minimum of two PE lessons per week as well as a great variety of extra-curricular sports activities to take part in, either competitively or for enjoyment, and clubs are run for all abilities.

Your child may also have the opportunity to be part of our competitive sports teams throughout the academic year, playing in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) league and competing in three seasons across the school year in the sport of their choice. Click here to find out more about our competitive sports teams and age requirements. 

Sports at GEMS (Singapore) aims to transform young athletes into confident, critically-thinking, healthy young sportspeople. Our supportive and motivating learning environment ensures GEMS (Singapore) provides the ultimate foundation for future success.


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Outstanding facilities

The school’s extensive grounds provide outstanding facilities for sporting pursuits including a 50-meter Olympic-size swimming pool, all-weather outdoor football and rugby pitch, a large sports hall,  a 15-meter tall rock-climbing wall, two basketball courts, weights room, an indoor cycling space, multipurpose space, an early years learner swimming pool and changing rooms. 

The Sports Programme at GEMS (Singapore) provides students with opportunities for developing the fundamental characteristics of










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