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At GEMS (Singapore), our language offerings are designed to meet the needs of our diverse expatriate families. The Language programme focusses on four key components.

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English Language for Academics

English is the language of instruction at GEMS (Singapore) and forms the core language across all courses. In our Early Years and Primary Years Language programmes, your child will develop strong reading, comprehension and writing skills. In the Secondary Years, Language and Literature classes focus on the continuous enhancement of formal English language skills as well as the critical thinking ability needed in exploring and analysing a variety of text types.


Modern Language

Learning modern languages is a core component of being an international student. In the Early Years, your child will be introduced to Chinese characters, basic strokes and conversational Mandarin, delivered by a specialist Mandarin teacher in dedicated class time. From Grade 1 onwards, they have the option of continuing Mandarin or opting for Spanish or French classes. In Grade 11 we are also offering Japanese Language and Literature class.


English as an Additional Language

At GEMS (Singapore), we are proud of our culturally and linguistically diverse community. The student body comprises over 60 different nationalities and the language profiles of some of our learners are rich and complex, requiring individualised support to cope with the English-based curriculum. We offer an Enhanced English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and a Standard EAL programme for students in Grade 9 and 10. If your child requires additional language support, they will be assessed during the admissions process to ascertain their current level of English.


After-school Mother Tongue Classes

We run Mother Tongue classes in French, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese from Grade 1 to 10 to help our expatriate families to support their children in maintaining fluency in their mother tongue and, therefore, close connections with their culture. Our mother tongue programmes are specifically designed to provide students with a strong foundation in vocabulary, speaking, reading, comprehension, grammar and writing.


Language Enrichment Programme

In our multicultural, international environment, instilling respect for different languages and cultures is paramount to much of what we do. Learning new languages helps to create understanding and encourage respect for others. We offer enrichment language classes in English, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, French, Spanish, Germain and Mandarin at an additional charge.

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