Language Programme

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) language offerings provide outstanding language teaching and learning opportunities, to ensure that we meet the needs of our diverse expatriate families.

Our Language programme focuses on four key components. They are: 

English is the language of instruction at GEMS (Singapore) and forms the core language programme across all courses.

From our Early Years and Primary Years Language Arts programmes, students develop strong reading comprehension and writing skills.

In the Secondary Years Language and Literature classes focus upon the ongoing enhancement of formal English language skills, as well as the critical thinking skills needed in exploring and analysing a variety of text types.

Modern Language learning is a core component of being an international student. In the Early Years, all students undertake daily Mandarin learning, delivered by a specialist Mandarin teacher in specialist Mandarin class time.

From Grade 1 onwards, students have the option of continuing studying Mandarin or undertaking Spanish or French classes.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is introducing a new and enhanced English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme from August 2019.

As GEMS (Singapore) we are proud of our culturally and linguistically diverse community. The student body comprises over 60 different nationalities and the language profiles of our learners are often rich and complex, requiring individualised support to access English-based curriculum.

As a school committed to providing the highest standards of education to all of our students, we place a very high value on English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme. Our Education Leadership team developed a new comprehensive programme of English language support for students from Grade 1 through to Grade 8 based on the latest research in this field and external benchmark data.

Programme overview

In collaboration with class teachers, EAL teachers will support GEMS Students in EAL (GEMS SEALs) through small group "pull-out" classes as well as with "push-in" support. EAL students in both "pull-out" and "push-in" classes will receive focused instruction in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and language development across listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

EAL pull-out classes

During "pull-out" classes GEMS SEALs will receive intensive and tailored English language instruction within a small group setting. The EAL teacher will collaborate with the respective classroom teacher at all times to accommodate each student’s individual language needs within the context of each class unit. The small-group setting will provide a safe learning environment for GEMS SEALs to practice speaking skills, ask questions and receive personalised instruction.

EAL push-in classes

During "pull-in" classes GEMS SEALs will learn alongside their classroom peers and also receive in-class support from the EAL teacher. In collaboration with the class/subject teacher, the EAL teacher will provide support in the context of the content that is being studied in the homeroom environment. This will ensure that GEMS SEALs remain integrated into the core curriculum and with their peers, promoting social communication skills and inclusion in all aspects of school life. 

Levels of support

Level 1 - Intensive: GEMS SEALs who have been assessed as requiring intensive English language support will be admitted into Level 1 Intensive EAL Support Programme and will receive both "pull-out" and "push-in" support.

Level 2 - Enhanced: GEMS SEALs who have been assessed as requiring enhanced English language support will be admitted into Level 2 Enhanced EAL Support Programme and will receive "push-in" support. To target specific English language needs, GEMS SEALs might also require some level of "pull-out" support.

How are students identified and placed in the EAL programme?

New students 

As part of the GEMS (Singapore) admission procedure, all non-native speakers applying to Grade 1 onwards are assessed to determine whether the candidate can access the English-based curriculum and their level of English. The placement will be based on:

  • English proficiency assessment results
  • Information provided in previous school reports 

Current GEMS students 

The following programme of EAL support is relevant to the families with children in Grades 1 to 8, who have been assessed during the academic year 2018/19 and identified as requiring additional support for their English language development.


EAL programme fees (per year per student)
Level 1 - Intensive Level 2 - Enhanced
$8,400 $6,300

 *All fees are inclusive of 7% GST.  

After School Mother-Tongue Classes

GEMS (Singapore) supports the maintenance and development of a child’s mother-tongue.

We strongly encourage native language fluency maintenance whilst living abroad and in support of family cultural connections.

Our current mother tongue classes include French, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese from Grades 1 to 10.

Our mother-tongue programmes are specifically designed to provide students with a strong foundation in vocabulary, speaking, reading, grammar and writing.

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