Experiential Learning Programme

The Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) supports and enhances teaching and learning experiences to engage students in real-world issues and where students learn through experience and reflection. 

The programme supports learning throughout the curriculum and also provides specific opportunities within the academic year for students to engage in experiential learning activities, connecting curriculum beyond the classroom in a variety of contexts.

These opportunities may include but are not limited to an ELP orientation at the beginning of the school year in which students engage in team building activities, familiarization with the IB programme, investigative challenges and cultural exchanges based within the school and around Singapore. The programme may also involve the ‘Week Without Walls’ in which experiences are offered to students to engage in service learning and in cultural exchanges, become involved in community-based projects, develop interpersonal skills, investigate curriculum links, and explore aspects of the IB Learner Profile. 


Highly effective student learning does not exist within subject-specific silos. As an aspirational world-leading international school, GEMS (Singapore) will bind learning through three interconnected facets:

  1. The written and delivered classroom curriculum
  2. Real-world learning delivered but not limited to camps and field-trips
  3. Service as Action (including CAS in High school)

 With a common focus, supported by theoretical, real-world contexts and social enterprises, student learning will be deepened.

 NOTE: Although many ELP activities are already covered by the school fee structure, some ELP activities will incur an extra cost for parents.

Beyond the Classroom - Service

At GEMS World Academy (Singapore) we create unique opportunities for our students to participate in community service projects to develop active, internationally minded, compassionate young people who want to make a difference in the world and evolve as global citizens.

Community service involvement helps students to develop lifelong skills such as communication, collaboration, understanding, and reflection. The key attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile empowering students to take action with confidence. It facilitates learning by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in challenging situations. Service projects change students in profound ways and foster individual growth.  

Through community service, students leave their mark on the global and local community.

      Bake Sale

Elderly Home   Kerala Concert   Beach Clean Up

Making a difference

GEMS (Singapore) students are offered a great mix of cultural exposure, physical challenges, community engagement and service-as-action opportunities in Singapore and abroad.

Our students have travelled to South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and worked alongside the local community on a range of activities such as visiting local schools, helping students with their day-to-day activities or teaching them English and games.

Our students are also highly engaged in various projects across Singapore. Examples include monthly visits to an elderly home, fundraising activities such as a concert for the flood victims in Kerala (India) and bake sales to raise money for the purchase of stationary and books for underprivileged children in Cambodia. Other Service as Action includes environmental projects such as the Beach Clean Up.

Why is it important?

We encourage every member of our community, teachers, parents, and students, to think about their place in the world, what is happening around them and what they can do to contribute to it.


This unforgettable experience helps the students to step out of their comfort zone and realize how lucky they are living the way they live. It also helps them to understand what we can do for people who are less fortunate and embrace the friendships with classmates and friends. GEMS Spanish Language Teacher

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