GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is committed to excellence in the Arts and our dynamic music programme provides students with the opportunity to explore and excel in their creative abilities and enables them to communicate in ways that go beyond their oral language abilities.  

The programme provides students with a chance to develop a lifelong appreciation of music and an enthusiasm for learning, all in a nurturing environment with supportive teachers. Students are given opportunities to discover a broad range of music experiences including classifying and analysing sounds, composing, exploring body music,  reading music, learning and playing instruments, singing, songwriting, performing and recording their creations.

Musical experiences at GEMS (Singapore) begin at the age of 2. Our young learners focus on developing their voices as musical instruments. They sing songs and play games as a group learning how to express themselves in different ways. In the Early Years, students continue to explore music through instruments, such as percussion, tambourines, bells, claves and rhythm sticks, while also engaging their bodies. Music is also woven into the programme of inquiry. Through songs and rhymes, students can hear patterns and develop a sense of the rhythm that applies to learn languages and mathematics. 

Primary Years Music programme provides an opportunity to explore the rudiments of musical performance and theory in an enjoyable setting involving singing, dance, movement and instrumental work on a variety of instruments ranging from ukuleles to steel drums and orff xylophones. In addition to the general music curriculum, students are provided with either a violin or cello, with each student involved in the instrumental string programme during the instrumental focus unit, 

Secondary Years Music Programme deepens and broadens students’ foundations in musical performance, music theory, music history, composition, world music, and music technology. It builds on the fundamentals presented in the Primary Years and aims to prepare students for specialised music in the Diploma Programme.  The programme serves to familiarise students with the diversity of musical traditions and techniques across the globe and inspire students to create, experiment and perform.  Students are provided with an opportunity to pursue a study of an individual instrument or voice and encouraged to participate in the many musical ensembles performing regularly in school. 

From Grade 9 onwards, Music is provided optionally within the Secondary Years Arts programme, with students selecting courses based upon personal strengths and interests. 

Outside the music classroom students may choose to participate in the Orchestra, Choir and Rock Bands, Talent Shows and Open Mic sessions. We also offer various arts activities led by professional instructors from external providers to further enrich your child’s education. These include private piano, violin, guitar and drum kit lessons.



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