What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

A young boy was visiting the school the other day with his parents. As he toured the school he was wondering if GEMS (Singapore) would be the right school for him to start his Secondary Years.

I asked him: “What would like to do when you leave school?”
He replied: “I want to be a Social Media Manager”.

It wasn’t the first time I had heard about this job but it was the first time I had heard someone say this was their dream job…yet I should not have been surprised.

In our rapidly developing world, a job that only a few years ago did not exist was now at the forefront of this boy’s dreams. When this boy starts with us at GEMS in August, what will we be doing to enhance his opportunities to become a Social Media Manager?

In November last year, I wrote about the importance of preparing our students for a rapidly and ever-changing world.

In that blog, I wrote that “one of our goals, to enable us to achieve our mission, is to create an environment in which creative, entrepreneurial and innovative skills are the foundations of the taught curriculum, therefore, enabling our students to be best prepared for the changing landscape of the workforce”.

One way we are aiming to achieve this goal is through Art and Design.


On Wednesday 13th June, our school hosted a verification team from the International Baccalaureate who were reviewing our school for authorisation of the IB Career-related Programme. We will have to wait to receive the report from the IB regarding our authorisation but we are hopeful of a positive outcome.

As you have heard previously though, we have established an agreement with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and this partnership will allow our students to engage in a wide range creative studies in the Art and Design fields.

The imagination and creativity of our students will only be further enhanced by the addition of such programmes. This combined with the exposure to sports, music, drama, sciences, languages, etc will develop truly well-rounded individuals that are ready to take on the world.

Even though many of us may not know what a Social Media Manager does, or what a Virtual Reality Consultant is, or how a User Experience Manager works, or even the names of any of the other new careers available now, at GEMS (Singapore) we do know the skills and attitudes that are essential for our children to be successful, and the dedicated, highly experienced teaching and administrative staff are giving their best every day to support your child to achieve their dreams.

On behalf of the School Leadership Team, the Teachers and the Administration Staff I wish all students and parents, safe travels and a restful holiday.   







Richard Henry, Head of School 

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