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Presently, teachers are in the process of completing the end of semester report writing process. American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer John Dewey stated

“We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.”

One of the IB Learner Profiles is to be reflective and to give thoughtful consideration to our own learning and experience. We are then able to assess and understand the strengths and challenges in order to support learning and personal development. From this reflection on attaining this new knowledge, we encourage students to go further to think about their place in the world, what is happening and what they can do to contribute to it.

The end of academic year reports will identify the many areas of progress and growth for individual children. They will also outline next steps for future development. As a family, it will be important for you to sit and discuss the attainment and areas for improvement. This will assist with maintaining progress and set them up for a successful beginning to the new academic year.

End of semester two reports will come home via ManageBac on June 14th, 2018. During the holidays, the experiences and things that your child does will be very important.

  • If you are traveling to another country, the new sites, sounds and opportunities will be an enriching experience for your child.
  • Discuss where you will go, share in researching what you can do there.
  • Talk about the currency, foods, culture, customs, religion and maybe try to learn some words in their language.
  • If you would like some ideas for maintaining your child’s reading Common Sense Media have many ideas and resources on their parent site.

Over the holiday, it may be a good opportunity for students to think about the areas that have been identified and find creative ways of working on them.

Next week, our Grade 5 students will be participating in their Grade 5-Grade 6 transition days.

During the course of the days the Grade 5 students will discover more about the MYP programme, how the classes and timetable works, the life of a Grade 6 student and also have the opportunity to participate in some Grade 6 lessons with grade 6 buddy classes and their teachers. This time of year is about transition and change.

Unfortunately, we need to say farewell to many friends and families at GEMS (Singapore). A great strategy called ‘RAFT’ is helping with the transition period for those leaving and those who remain ‘behind’. RAFT is an acronym that David C Pollock developed to help people transition.

R = Reconciliation: Reconciling with people, making the relationships right.
A = Affirmation: Is to let people know how much you appreciate them and what they did for you and for your family.
F = Farewell: Saying goodbye to people, to places and things as well. This really helps to bring closure.
T = Think Destination: Think about the next place or where friends are moving to. How will it be different from where you are now? How will it be the same? Research the new destination.







Olivia Burke, PYP Curriculum Coordinator

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