GEMS Performing Arts Update

The Music Department will present the 6th installment of the Lunch of Rock on Tuesday 22nd May.

We are pleased to introduce you to the various Secondary Years bands performing as well as a special guest ensemble from Primary Years.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please support our talented band members!

Where: Auditorium (Level 4)
Time: 1:00 to 1:45 pm

Student pop music performers are getting ready for this year’s upcoming Pops Concert on June 6th.  

The concert features fine musicians from both the Primary Years and Secondary Years who’ll be presenting an entertaining programme of contemporary favourites.

Everyone is welcome.

Where: Auditorium (Level 4)
Time: 6:30pm



We are happy to announce that plans are underway for two school shows next year, one involving Primary Years students and one Secondary Years.

  • There will be a whole host of positions available from leading roles, chorus line and musicians to backstage crew, lighting technicians, scenery and prop designers and creators.
  • Auditions for the SY show will be held in the first weeks back in August and the actual title of the show itself will be released before we break up in June.
  • Details of the PY show will be shared during Semester One.
  • We are open to the support of our GEMS Community and welcome your expertise and enthusiasm in any of the supporting roles.







Christopher Brandt, Music Educator
On behalf of Music Department

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