Independent learning through the Middle Years Personal Projects

From gaining tech and entrepreneurial skills to self-discovery, these Grade 10 students studying at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) are showing what they’ve learnt from their IB Middle Years Personal project.

If there’s one thing to point out about education, it’s that there’s nothing worse than years spent memorising and regurgitating facts in the classroom, but not being able to apply them in real life. In fact, the things we learn in school have plenty of real-life applications, but we rarely have time to explore them, much less encourage a desire to learn in our kids. Of course, there’s no better way to encourage lifelong learning than by allowing kids to delve into their personal interests through student-driven projects.

At GEMS (Singapore), Grade 10 students are able to embark on their own learning journey to plan, investigate and carry out their own project as part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP).  GEMS (Singapore) doesn’t just develop creative, entrepreneurial and innovation skills critical for future success, but also embraces students’ differences through its MYP Project.

Just like its students’ interest, the projects vary and could be anything from creating a video game or blog from scratch, to even starting a business. By the way, all this is done without any prior knowledge of what is needed to create their end product. The students only have their project coordinator and passion as guidance.

Check out the video below to see some of the fabulous MYP Projects Grade 10 students from GEMS (Singapore) have come up with:


At GEMS (Singapore), learning doesn’t stay in the classroom, students are encouraged to practise holistic learning and connect what they’ve learnt inside the classroom learning with what they’re passionate about.

Part of the IB continuum, the MYP Personal Project allows students to take what they have learned throughout the MYP and apply it to practical situations. Students plan, identify and create their own proposals, and carry it out with support through discussions with a supervisor and others.


Taking part in the MYP project doesn’t just impact students with important project management skills like responsibility, time management and communication. They are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to investigate real-world problems

Students don’t just exercise and develop their research skills, but also develop a keen eye for problem-solving and critical thinking. The challenges faced during the project will put each student to the test to exercise good judgement, awareness and perseverance. 

As students become involved in the self-initiated and self-directed learning process, they will find it easier to construct in-depth knowledge on their topic and develop an understanding of themselves as learners. The MYP Project is really fantastic in allowing classroom learning to be put into perspective, making academics relevant to students and spark an interest in their quest for knowledge. All the skills an early learner needs to have a bright and successful future.





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