GEMS Arts Update: Making Visual Statements

We have continued to broaden horizons and extend students learning and engagement in Visual Arts this semester.

Students have enjoyed demonstrating their critical thinking and creativity in a variety of ways.

Two such examples are the dedicated Grade 8’s who have produced their own unique ‘Art with a message’ combining strong visuals, carefully chosen colour schemes and associated typography to provide a thought-provoking body of work.

Some statements were in response to one of the UN Global Goals, whilst others were messages student’s felt needed to be shared in school.

As well as developing student’s artistic skills the unit also provided a great opportunity for students to analyse the work of other artists and involve themselves in discussions about what they valued personally as well as our future generation and action takers.

In contrast, several of the Grade 10’s have successfully completed their IGCSE coursework and Art exam with detailed prep sheets and original final outcomes. All students demonstrated thoughtfulness in their approach and manipulated media and images with confidence and originality.







Claire RimmerHead of Department, Visual Arts & Design

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