Student-Led Conference Information for EY & PY Parents

As an IB PYP school, we believe that students are directors and owners of their learning. Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) provide an opportunity for students to do this.

We will be holding our SLCs on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April.

SLCs are designed to celebrate and showcase a child’s learning. The purpose of a student-led conference is to provide opportunities for children to reflect and report on their own learning to significant members of their family. During student-led conferences, it is your child who is the teacher. This is a precious time for him/her to – reflect on their learning, to ask questions about their thinking and understandings and to appreciate their knowledge and experiences.

Student-led conferences in the Early Years and Primary years will look and feel a bit different from each other. Parents will have a scheduled time to arrive at school with their child for the conference. Children will support their parents by guiding them through their own progress and learning in the ways they interact and express themselves. Children will lead their parents through several areas of the classroom that the children, themselves, enjoy exploring.

Throughout this process, children will engage their parents in sharing their school experiences. Please keep in mind your child, in collaboration with their teacher, has spent a long time thinking about and choosing what they would like to share with you.

They have chosen each activity and piece of work because it is of significant meaning to them and the progress they have made in their learning throughout the year.

We encourage each family to speak to each other in whatever language is most comfortable for all of you. Although English is the language of instruction, we would encourage every family to use their mother tongue to communicate during this conference.

Below are some ideas for helping you have your conversation with your child.
  • I really like it when…
  • I am proud of you when…
  • You’ve really improved in…
  • I am glad you shared…
  • I noticed…
  • It was a good idea to…

Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher should you require further details about the Student-led Conferences.

Olivia Burke
PYP Curriculum Coordinator

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