Arts Update: IGCSE assessment & IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition 

This week saw a wealth of art being displayed and created at GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

We had Grade 10 students sitting their IGCSE timed assessment and producing some beautiful outcomes. We saw work exploring the theme embellishment exploring Chinese culture, architecture and fashion and in contrast a focus on pop art and image transfer following the same theme. Whilst others focused on watercolour studies and the complexity of braided hair or the use of collage to represent a 1920’s retro feel in their work.

Moving up the school we had the first ever graduating class DP Art Exhibition, complemented beautifully by several of our younger students playing a keyboard.

The work was varied with something for everyone; the intricate watercolour study based on the Last Supper depicting several members of the Class of 2018, a giant ceramic avocado influenced by the work of Yayoi Kusama raising awareness of anxiety and stress disorders or a portrait of a girl inspired by the work of Chuck Close to name but a few.

You might be intrigued by the striking abstract ‘Indian Wedding’ piece, the personal statement made by the ‘Peacock Dress’ or the concept behind ‘Cut the mustard’.

Every student demonstrated their knowledge when sharing their work with others and spoke passionately about their personal journey and artistic intent.

Students have inquired into a variety of different artists from different timeframes and cultures, drawn from their own experiences and researched into areas of personal interest. They have explored and experimented with media, inspired one another and as they’ve learnt from both successes and failures they’ve grown as both artists and individuals.
















Two of our students are continuing their Art education next year in Paris and the UK and the others although choosing to pursue other careers will always integrate their passion for art and their natural creativity into everything they do.

Click here for more photos from DP Art Exhibition Opening.






Claire RimmerHead of Department, Visual Arts & Design

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