GEMS Grade 12s secure offers from prestigious universities around the world!

While we still wait for many US Universities to respond, there is certainly time to stop and celebrate the success of our students so far.

It is always a nail-biting time of year when students are submitting their university applications and then waiting for what seems an eternity for their replies – and then the replies start to come through and worlds of opportunity open up to young adults all over the world.

For GEMS Singapore, this year has seen our first Graduating cohort send off their college applications. The process started back in Grade 11, with intensive research, drafts, redrafts and more redrafts of Personal Statements and College Essays, interview practice, and seemingly interminable application forms. As we entered 2018, the long-anticipated replies started to trickle through.

The UK universities were the first to complete their responses and, in all honesty, the results are exceptional!

We had 7 students making 32 separate applications to UK colleges. Of these an astonishing 31 out of 32 resulted in conditional offers and the list of colleges making offers includes some of the very best in the world: University College London, King’s College London, Durham, Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle to name a few.

For those familiar with the UK system, you will recognise that this list represents almost a half of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities. Programmes the students have offers for include Law, Architecture, PPE, Sociology and International Management.

Elsewhere in Europe, our students have secured places in a range of the most prestigious Swiss Hospitality Schools – Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne, Les Roches, Glion and similarly ranked schools in other countriesThe Hotel School of The Hague and Modul in Vienna.

Canadian universities were the next to respond, again with fantastic results. Three students so far have received offers from Toronto, another three have places at University of British Columbia and two more have secured spots at McGill, other offers have come from McMaster, Queens, York, Guelph, Ottawa, Western and Carleton – closing out most of the top universities in the country.

Even more impressive is that a number of these offers have come with Academic Scholarships. We are waiting with fingers crossed for the results of further scholarship applications to these colleges.

Universities in the US  have been slower than normal to respond this year, but there is now a daily update of offers coming in.

So far we have students who have secured their places at Rutgers, Syracuse, Washington, George Washington, Drexel, Stony Brook, University of California Santa Barbara, and the University of Boston. Again there are a number of scholarship awards, including one of USD25,000 for four years for George Washington (that’s an impressive $100,000!).

All in all, it has been a fantastic first year and we are still waiting for many more replies from even more great universities around the world.

To see our students progress to such estimable institutions is the final validation of everything they and their teachers have put in over the course of the school careers.

 Well done Grade 12!!!!






Jonathan Cox, Academic Advisor

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