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Professional Development and Continuous Improvement

In my blog post from February 2018, I referred to the importance for workplaces to ensure they have a cycle of continuous improvement.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is currently undertaking an extensive review of our external vendors and we are also preparing for a review by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). This government appointed body has the responsibility of ensuring that all aspects of the Private Education Act of Singapore are effectively implemented by private educational institutions (PEIs) such as GEMS (Singapore).

The Enhanced Registration Framework is compulsory for all PEIs but some institutions have an additional level of quality assurance called Edutrust. I am very pleased to say that GEMS (Singapore) has Edutrust status.

One area of focus for the CPE is the amount of professional development which is provided for staff.

GEMS (Singapore) is committed to the professional development of our teachers and we ensure that all requirements in this area, as set out by the International Baccalaureate (IB), are always met.

In addition to supporting the development of our own teachers at GEMS (Singapore), we are about to support a major professional development event for teachers from around the world.

Between Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd March, we will be hosting on our campus approximately 170 teachers while they are attending nine different types of IB professional development workshops. We are proudly hosting these events which are a major part of the lead up to the IB Global conference starting in Singapore on Sunday 25 March.

We are very proud of the fact that GEMS (Singapore) has a number of teachers who are qualified to be part of the IB Educator Network (IBEN). These GEMS (Singapore) teachers have been trained to lead IB workshops or work as consultants for other schools which are new to the IB or looking to improve their IB programmes.

I am very supportive of our teachers to work with other schools and educators in this way because not only do they provide assistance to others but the teachers themselves are continuously learning through these engagements.  They enjoy experiences of working with educators in different settings and are able to share best practice.

Being an integral part of the IB world community is a valuable professional development opportunity for our teachers and this, in turn, benefits our students.







Richard Henry, Head of School, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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