ISTA Blast Off! Lower Primary Drama Festival Updates

On February 23 – 25, a group of GEMS (Singapore) students from Grade 1 & 2 participated in the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA)  Lower Primary Drama Festival.

They joined different ensembles with students from various international schools and had a fantastic journey through the universe led by visiting artists from all corners of the world.

It was inspiring to see our young artists with bright keen smiles and a willingness to try something new.

They threw caution to the wind…or rather, into the greater galaxy! Our young space cadets attended training sessions coming back more confident, collaborative and creative star sailors.

From building spaceships, learning about aliens, handling force fields, completing special space missions, to diving into black holes and swirling through vortexes, our star sailors were challenged to the max in order to earn their space wings!







ISTA believes that the future of our world depends on confident, internationally minded, collaborative and culturally literate young people who are empowered to engage with and change the world responsibly.

Diversity and collaboration, celebration and play, friendship and collegiality are the core values achieved through the arts events produced and run each year, designed to inspire and engage, leaving lasting memories and transforming the lives of everyone who takes part.

A very special THANK YOU to Neil White and Mike Gilmour for their continued support of the arts, as well as Vanessa Samuel, Karen Paris, and Mika and Tony McMullen who generously offered their time over the weekend to chaperone our students at this event!

This festival was definitely a wonderful experience for our students!






Edna Lau, Grade 2 Educator

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