GEMS Senior Years Principal Message

We have recently had the annual Language & Culture Week celebration here at GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

Students, parents and teachers enjoyed exciting activities and events in the Secondary Years: a ‘heated’ formal debate on the topic ‘Should English be the one universal language’, a riveting Spelling Bee competition, and an entertaining Secondary years assembly in addition to the school-wide events, such as Wednesday’s Cultural day.

My HUGE THANK YOU goes to our wonderful Languages Department who worked hard to organise the events.

A very special thank you goes to the GEMS (Singapore) teachers and parents who were brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to make the week such a success!

Not every day GEMS (Singapore) students have an opportunity to see their PE teacher in a bee onesie, their Science teacher dancing and parents spelling difficult words out loud in front of the audience.


One of our parents shared with me how much she enjoyed the assembly. She also mentioned that back at home the teachers definitely would not be comfortable doing ‘silly things on stage’.

I totally understand them, however, the ability to do so creates a special atmosphere that only International Schools have.

I strongly believe that the role of a teacher at GEMS (Singapore) is certainly more than just ‘transmitting knowledge’ to the students.

Our teachers are mentors, role models, guides, coaches; each one of them is passionate about education and their subject or an extracurricular activity which they are happy to share with students.

And lastly, they are also willing to do ‘silly things on stage’ because it helps to build a community feeling, positive culture, and strong relationships within the school community.

We are proud that we have a wonderfully diverse community here at GEMS (Singapore). Our curriculum is rich in languages and our students showcase intercultural awareness on a daily basis.

The past week highlighted why Language Acquisition Programme is a fundamental key in an international school setting: through learning a language, one understands another culture and, by extension, reflects on his/her own culture.






Jan Stipek,  Secondary Years Principal, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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