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GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Season 3 competitive teams are well into their respective training sessions this week. All competitive games will start next week.

Track & Field and Swim teams are working hard for their ACSIS meetups this season.

These sports opportunities for our students would not be possible without the time and commitment from our amazing staff who coach the teams. A HUGE THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and support!

Last week I had a great pleasure of attending ‘Breakfast of Champions’ hosted by the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce with Dr Richard Swinbourne.  

Richard is a New Zealand trained Dietitian through the University of Otago and completed his Sports Dietitian course with Sports Dietitians Australia. Richard worked with the New Zealand Rugby Union soon after, as their High-Performance Nutritionist for National Teams between 2007-2014, including service delivery with the All Blacks’ 7s and NZ Women’s 7s teams.

Five years ago Richard stepped sideways to explore the world of sleep among elite collision sports athletes, enrolling for a PhD with Auckland University of TechnologyThis event was conducted as a part of the GEMS World Academy (Singapore) sponsored series in partnership with New Zealand Chamber of Commerce.

During the event, Richard presented an overview of his sleep research and shared valuable insights on the impact of sleep in both the physical and mental performance of high-performance athletes. He also highlighted the importance of sleep for young people and it’s strong impact on their academic performance at school.

I would like to share my biggest takeaway from this event with our GEMS (Singapore) community.

Young students must get a minimum of 8 hours sleep EVERY night if they are aiming to be successful in the classroom, or in their sporting pursuits.

Staying up late studying and doing homework, and reducing the amount of sleep time,  is detrimental to both their physical and mental development and performance. Forty years ago people slept an average of 8.5 hours every night, and as a result, obesity and diabetes rates were low. Now, people are averaging only 6.5 hours of sleep each night, and we have a global issue with chronic disease. Sleep is the ‘drug’ that can decrease these problems, and increase physical and mental performance.

Are you and your children getting enough of sleep every day?

On a separate note, please allow me to remind you that on Friday afternoons from 2:00 pm GEMS (Singapore) offers a Sports Enrichment Program for our students. The following options are available at your choice:

These are ‘pay to play’ programs and it is not too late to sign up.

For more information click HERE. Please contact providers directly should you wish to sign up.







Danny TauroaHead of Sports, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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