GEMS Head Of School Message: Update On Our New Strategic Plan

Innovation, Community, Well-being & Excellence

The faculty at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) have been collaboratively working on our new strategic plan for more than three months now and we are close to being able to share the full details with our parent community for your input.  

The strategic plan will drive the school towards its mission and vision for the next three years.

Three pillars have been identified which will underpin our mission: 

Community – Well-being – Excellence.

For each pillar, there are three levels of focus:  

  • individual,
  • the school and
  • the wider community

We are now at the stage of defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by which we will measure ourselves. When these KPIs are finalised we will be sharing the entire document with the school community for comment. In the meantime, here is the opening section of our draft strategic plan.


GEMS WORLD ACADEMY (SINGAPORE) STRATEGIC PLAN 2018-2020                          

VISION: To be the acknowledged leader of excellence in international education across Asia

MISSION: We commit to providing outstanding learning opportunities, through an environment of mutual respect, transparency and engagement.

INNOVATION: Empowering individuals to innovate and create positive impact through sustainable action.

Richard Henry, Head of School, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)


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