GEMS Jaguars: Competitive Sports Update

ECA Season 2 has ended, and our sports teams have again enjoyed the jubilation of success and the trials of losing. Most importantly, the students involved have enjoyed the camaraderie and personal development that team sport provides.

We have had teams in playoff matches and finals. They showed an amazing improvement that they have made by beating teams at the end of the season that they lost to at the start!

These are the type of achievements we are aiming for at GEMS (Singapore) in our sports program. We must feed on this success to continue striving to improve our team performance and results.

Congratulations to all students who competed for the GEMS (Singapore) Jaguars!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the time and dedication of our coaching staff and parents.

A big THANK YOU from all of the athletes at GEMS (Singapore).

A final reminder: Season 3 sports team tryouts and training will take place from 19th February to 22nd February.

Please review the following schedule with information for each team tryout:

  • Tryouts will commence immediately after school from 3.35pm, and end at 4.45pm
  • All students that have indicated their intention to play for a team MUST attend the tryouts
  • Where relevant, students should attend the tryouts on both days for the team they have registered for
  • Students must change and promptly report to the relevant venue
  • Sports and ECA buses will leave promptly at 5.00pm
  • Parents have been advised to make arrangements directly with the transport company for their children to take these buses:
  • Do take time to notify your child’s homeroom teacher if they are going to be involved in team tryouts, and if they are taking an ECA bus after the tryouts/ training
  • Students not taking a bus must be collected or have arrangements for returning home at the conclusion of each session
  • Details about the schedule of matches will be provided for those students selected for teams as they become available before the start of the season
  • Students will need to decide on ONE TEAM to play for in Season 3 if they are selected for two teams and there is a clash with training and game days. This also applies to any clashes with non-sporting ECAs.
Take a note:
  • We have not had enough students register to field an 8U girls football team so those girls who have registered can play for the 8U boys football team if they wish
  • We have not had enough players register for 10U Rugby 7s to enter a team, these players have been included in the 11U Rugby 7s team
  • We have not had enough players register for SY Badminton to enter a team, this team has been canceled
 Team Uniforms
  • All students selected for a school sports team will be issued with a full team uniform to be worn during competitive fixtures throughout the season
  • We have a strict policy that all players must be in full team uniform for all fixtures. Players will not be able to participate if they do not come prepared with the full and correct team uniform.
  • The uniform will be returned to the school at the end of the season. Any missing or damaged uniform items will be charged back to the respective families.

 We are looking forward to another great season of sport!






Danny TauroaHead of Sports, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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