GEMS Early/Primary Years Principal Message

In the Early/Primary Years division, we recognise that we are all learners as well as educators. Therefore, we consistently strive to reflect and improve upon what we do on a daily basis.

Teachers engagement and collaboration sessions are essential for professional growth. Here at GEMS (Singapore), it is our goal to facilitate various opportunities for the teachers to learn the best teaching practices and share their knowledge with each other.

Over the past couple of months, our teachers have been reflecting on “successes and challenges” within their Grade Level teams and their students’ achievements.

They had a great opportunity to visit each other’s learning environment and were encouraged to leave their feedback and ask questions.

As a result, professional collaboration is taking place not only within individual Grade Level teams but also across entire Early Years/Primary Years division.

Our Leadership team has been co-leading workshops focused on different elements of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) with Early & Primary Years educators by engaging them in Maths workshops led by Edna Lau (Primary Years Educator). These workshops are planned in response to teachers interests and to the areas which have been prioritised as part of our ongoing teaching and learning action plan.

Professional development has a great value for our division and the entire school. We are very fortunate to have a team of enlightened educators, who are always open to share knowledge and collaborate with each other.

What is the purpose behind all of this? Great teachers help to create great students!

Our goal at GEMS (Singapore) is to provide the best experience for your children.

Neil WhiteEarly/Primary Years Principal

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