Cycle of Continual Improvement – Head of School Message

Identify, Plan, Execute, Review. These are the fundamental stages of a cycle of continuous improvement. Organisations often use this cycle to ensure they have the best services, products, and processes. A school is no different.

As part of our mission to provide outstanding learning opportunities at GEMS (Singapore), we use external benchmarks and external accreditation to measure ourselves against the best schools in the world.

The examples of external assessment include the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) scores, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE) scores, and the International Schools Assessment (ISA) results.

We also measure our school against the IB Standards and Practices, the Singapore Committee for Private Education (CPE) as well as GEMS Education’s bespoke internal school’s review process.

While we are ensuring that teachers are utilising the best practice and implementing innovative approaches to teaching and learning, we are cognisant of the fact that we must continuously strive to improve our services, facilities, and processes.

We have recently engaged the consultancy services of EduValue on a full-time basis to ensure we are actualizing all aspects of the rigorous Singapore CPE accreditation standards.

A number of our services are outsourced, (cafeteria, bus, uniform, security, etc) and we are now at the stage of reviewing existing contracts. This extensive review is aimed at ensuring the school community receives the full benefit of these services to a consistently high standard with the lowest possible financial impact. In other words, we are aiming to have vendors which provide excellent services along with financial stewardship.

In addition to reviewing our current services, we have a number of construction projects in the pipeline. This includes our wonderful new Design Centre as well as multi-purpose rooms in the current Kindergarten Lobby.

Click HERE to view the list of tenders which are currently open on our website page.  

Parents within the GEMS (Singapore) community, who operate in businesses related to the services below, are welcome to submit tenders through the official channels:


Kind regards,






Richard Henry, Head of School, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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